BLACKPINK Announces Concert Movie Following Jennie’s Apology for Smoking Indoors

The main trailer for the film “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR – BORN PINK – IN CINEMAS,”which showcases scenes from BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK”world tour and exclusive performances at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul to celebrate their 8th debut anniversary, was released on July 10th. Fans can experience the excitement of the actual concert through this trailer.

The main trailer for BLACKPINK‘s world tour film “BORN PINK”has captured the attention of fans with its spectacular scenes. From the opening shout of “Are you ready?”to the intense background music, viewers are immediately transported to the exhilarating concert experience. The stage set with traditional hanok tiles stands out and represents the unique color of BLACKPINK. Furthermore, the heartfelt greetings and appreciation for their fans from the members only adds to the anticipation for the film. The sight of BLINKs waving their lightsticks in the large concert hall only adds to the excitement of reliving BLACKPINK’s legendary world tour through the movie.

The long-awaited film “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR -BORN PINK- IN CINEMAS”will be shown at select CGV theaters including ScreenX, 4DX, and ULTRA 4DX beginning on July 31st. The premiere will take place not only in South Korea but also in 110 countries worldwide.

Additionally, BLACKPINK’s Jennie has recently issued an apology for the indoor smoking incident that sparked controversy the day before (July 9th).

On the 9th, OA Entertainment, Jennie’s personal label, issued an official apology for the indoor smoking incident that occurred in Jennie’s recently released Vlog. The female idol received backlash from netizens for blowing e-cigarette smoke in front of makeup staff. Following the controversy, the Vlog video has been removed.

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