BLACKPINK’s Jennie Faces Criticism Amid Smoking Controversy

On July 10th, netizens were drawn to an article from My Daily titled “The main issue is not Jennie’s smoking.”

Netizens were critical of Jennie for her behavior of blowing e-cigarette smoke into the face of her staff, deeming it impolite and disrespectful. According to the reporter, this action showed a lack of consideration for those around her, regardless of any potential penalties. While smoking may be her personal choice, it should not be done in the presence of others.

Blackpink jennie my daily

Jennie is of legal age to smoke, but the issue at hand is whether she had permission to do so in that particular location and if her actions disrupted others. If Jennie chooses to smoke in designated non-smoking areas, she may face penalties. Her inconsiderate behavior of exhaling e-cigarette smoke in front of her staff has caused annoyance for many, as the fumes from these devices can be harmful.

It is worth noting that Jennie is not the only celebrity to face backlash for smoking indoors. In April of the previous year, Kian84 was also penalized 100,000 won for smoking during the filming of SNL Korea. Similarly, Ji Chang-wook received severe backlash when he was caught smoking on the set while shooting “Welcome to Samdalri”.

On July 8th, a video from Jennie’s Vlog showing the actress vaping indoors went viral on social media, causing a controversy. The BLACKPINK member was seen putting the vape in her mouth and blowing smoke in front of her makeup artist while getting ready for the fashion show in Jacquemus, Italy.

Despite the widespread sharing of the smoking video, it eventually reached the top spot on Weibo’s search. Upon realizing the controversy, Jennie’s agency promptly removed the scene from the Vlog video and issued a formal apology. However, the female idol continues to face harsh criticism from netizens.

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