IKON’s Bobby Reflects on Enlistment: A Letter to Fans

Bobby shared a handwritten letter on July 10th, which started with the words: “How are you guys doing? The weather has been quite sunny here, and my mood has been fluctuating between bright and cloudy.”

ikon bobby letter

He acknowledged, “Adapting to a new setting is definitely challenging. However, as time passed and I regained my senses, I realized that 7 days had already gone by. I truly miss you all,”he expressed, “Reflecting on our memories together, I regret not treating you better.”

Bobby admitted, “I will return with a more impressive appearance after the flowers bloom twice. In the meantime, you all will face your own challenges and struggles as you grow and become better individuals. Whether you choose to remain as you are now is entirely up to you. Please await my return with a tinge of sadness.”He added, “But what truly matters is the experiences you gain. I wish you all success and happiness in all your endeavors and pray that the scorching summer does not burden you too much.”

On April 4th, Bobby quietly enlisted in the military. Despite being married and having a son, the male idol chose to serve as a full-time reserve soldier in order to fulfill his responsibilities as a parent.

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