Starship Entertainment’s New Audition Draws Flak: WJSN Involved?

The agency’s most recent undertaking left fans feeling frustrated.

Despite not being part of the “Big 4,”Starship Entertainment is still highly regarded in the K-pop industry for their track record of producing successful acts like MONSTA X, IVE, WJSN, SISTAR, and WJSN, making them more popular than many other smaller companies.

Starship’s announcement about an open audition for the upcoming project “2025 New Kids On The Starship”quickly spread among K-pop fans on social media.

The company also utilized the promotion of uploading auditions of its artists, including IVE and CRAVITY, to promote the project.

Despite WJSN’s lack of comebacks, activities, and overall presence in the K-pop scene, fans criticized the agency for using the group’s audition clips, stating that they had no right to do so.

  • “First of all, give us WJSN group comeback. It’s been TWO YEARS since their last comeback.”
  • “Focus on your current idols first. give WJSN a comeback.”
  • “Hi what about WJSN?”
  • “Girl, we want WJSN.”
  • “Oh, we are never getting WJSN back.”
  • “Just give WJSN group comebacks before doing any other things.”
  • “Maybe care about the group that’s debuted already first? WJSN?”
  • “Okay good luck with your project for finding new kids but give us WJSN comeback, it’s also it’s been two years.”
  • “What about WJSN and CRAVITY? Don’t joke, just leave them to better company and then do what do you want.”
  • “You guys have a time to do a new project but don’t have time for WJSN’s comeback?”
  • “We need WJSN comeback on stage now!”

In the meantime, Starship faced criticism for its methods of recruiting trainees. Concerns were raised that featuring WJSN, a group that the agency has allegedly mistreated, could potentially have negative consequences.

Do you have any thoughts on the audition? Are you looking forward to WJSN’s upcoming activities or releases as well? Share your opinions in the comments section.

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