Comparisons Drawn Between BLACKPINK’s Jennie and BTS’s V After Indoor Smoking Controversy

After sparking controversy for smoking/vaping indoors, BLACKPINK’s Jennie is now being compared to BTS’s V.

It is highly probable that K-pop enthusiasts are acquainted with the renowned romance between world-renowned idols V and Jennie. The couple’s rumored relationship, believed to have commenced in early 2022, was thrust into the public eye when a hacker released multiple photos of them together. V, known for his stunning looks and gaining global recognition, and Jennie, regarded as the top “it girl”in Korea, make an iconic duo in the idol industry.

Although their management companies never officially announced their relationship, V and Jennie surprised the K-pop community when they were seen holding hands in Paris, seemingly confirming their romance. In December 2023, V enlisted in the army, leading to reports that the couple had broken up. However, in the first half of 2024, there were still signs indicating that V and Jennie were still happily together.

What is puzzling about the romance between V and Jennie is their unique approach to dating. They do not publicly flaunt their relationship, nor do they completely conceal their affection for each other. This power couple of the K-pop world is frequently praised for their stunning looks, exceptional talent, and widespread popularity, making them an ideal match.

Despite their successful careers, V and Jennie have not been immune to scandals. Throughout their rise to fame, both have been embroiled in several controversies.

Jennie’s latest vlog caused quite a stir when a clip of her vaping in an enclosed room surfaced on social media. Many were outraged by her actions, particularly because she blew smoke directly into the face of a staff member. This incident not only damaged her image, but also sparked controversy and resulted in a formal complaint being filed against her.

After facing public scrutiny, Jennie, with the representation of ODD ATELIER, acknowledged her use of vaping and offered an apology to those who were impacted.

V has been spotted vaping on several occasions, leading to the term “V vape”gaining popularity on social media. Furthermore, at the 2022 Grammy Awards, V was seen smoking backstage.

Similarly, there have been sightings of BTS’s youngest member Jungkook smoking in public, signaling a shift from the group’s previously pristine image as top idols. While there is often judgement against idols who partake in habits such as smoking and drinking, both V and Jennie, in addition to Jungkook, have openly acknowledged their behaviors, sparking ongoing discussions on different platforms.

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