BLACKPINK Jennie’s Solo Comeback Sparks Controversy Over Management’s Promotional Missteps

Despite a recent controversy involving BLACKPINK member Jennie, fans have utilized social media platforms to voice their dissatisfaction with the management of ODD ATELIER, the agency representing Jennie, and her manager.

Jennie (Photo : Instagram)

The controversy arose after images of Jennie reportedly smoking indoors were shared on the internet, leading to backlash from both her fans and the general public.

Supporters of the K-pop artist have flooded ODD ATELIER’s and Jennie’s manager’s social media pages with remarks and requests, urging for improved promotional strategies for Jennie’s upcoming solo ventures.

In particular, their concerns have revolved around the infrequent updates on social media, the tardiness in releasing press statements, and the substandard images utilized on Jennie’s official profiles.

[Maple] Jennie's manager also seems to be suffering a lot from Jennie's fans | Instiz

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[Maple] Jennie's manager also seems to be suffering a lot from Jennie's fans | Instiz
[Maple] Jennie's manager also seems to be suffering a lot from Jennie's fans | Instiz

Through multiple platforms, such as Instagram, supporters have united to interact with posts and leave comments for both ODD ATELIER and its team.

Why do you keep posting low-quality images on X and Instagram? Even though there are high-quality photos of her with Billie Eilish and the Chanel event, you keep posting low-quality versions of it. Please check the photos when posting…

– Anonymous

Their excitement for Jennie’s upcoming solo comeback, which marks her first in six years, was evident as many stressed the significance of timely and top-notch promotional materials.

“Our voices must be heard! Jennie’s solo comeback deserves better promotions,”stated a comment on Instagram, mirroring the thoughts expressed by countless fans.

Despite the backlash, it has still faced criticism from its detractors.

Despite the mixed reactions from Korean netizens, some have expressed understanding for the fans’ concerns while others have criticized what they see as excessive interference in the management’s decisions.

COMMENTS(Photo : instiz)
  • “It’s pitiful ㅠㅠ Are they gathering to support someone they pity, or are they becoming pitiful themselves when they join?”
  • “That fandom seems the same domestically and internationally”
  • “Ah.. I work in entertainment and I really dislike this case.. Do they think everything happens as easily as they say?”
  • “It’s a solo fan meeting, why act like that?”
  • “They shouldn’t be involved with them”
  • “Isn’t that manager the same one from YG days? They used to do a good job, why are they behaving like this?”

“One netizen expressed concern about the extreme nature of this type of direct action taken by fans on a popular forum, a sentiment that was echoed by others. It is worrying that fans may be pressuring the management to such an extent.”

At the same time, there have been talks about the inner workings of fandoms and the difficulties that management must navigate in the fiercely competitive world of K-pop.

Several netizens have highlighted that this behavior is not exclusive to Jennie’s fan base and have pointed out that supporters of other idols have also interacted with management regarding promotional tactics in a similar manner.

“The level of dedication displayed by this fandom is truly remarkable, however, one comment pointed out that they may be taking it too far, sparking an ongoing debate among fans and observers.”

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