Reported Incident of BLACKPINK Jennie Allegedly Smoking Indoors in Italy Prompts Investigation by Authorities

Jennie became a hot topic among internet users on July 8, as a viral clip of her doing her makeup and hair spread on social media.

Despite netizens noticing smoke coming from Jennie’s mouth, there were accusations of “indoor smoking”that followed. This quickly caused a division in reactions, with some critics calling out Jennie and others, namely BLINKs, defending the idol.

After the controversy, ODD ATELIER, Jennie’s independent label, released a short statement on July 9 addressing the issue. A company representative stated that ODD ATELIER is currently conducting an investigation into the matter.

According to an official, Jennie is currently residing in the United States. The facts surrounding the controversy are being verified at this time.

On July 9, it was reported by Korean news outlet My Daily that Jennie had allegedly been seen smoking indoors and the incident was reported to the Korean embassy in Italy. A netizen has filed a request for an investigation into the matter.

“We have reached out to the Korean embassy in Italy through a national newspaper, requesting an investigation,”the statement read. “We strongly urge for a thorough inquiry into the matter and for strict consequences to be enforced for Jennie’s reported indoor smoking.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that a screenshot of the complaint had been shared. In addition, sources reported that indoor smoking has been prohibited in Italy since January 2005.

If an individual is caught smoking in indoor areas, they will be subject to a penalty fine of €250 euros, which is equivalent to ₩370,000 Korean won or $267.44 USD. However, if they are caught smoking in the presence of pregnant women or children, they will be required to pay a doubled fine.

This is the response from K-netz and I-netz to the update, as seen on Pannchoa’s website:

  • “The way she made no feedback really shows her conceit.”
  • “It’s true that it was problematic but reporting this to the embassy was over the top.”
  • “What ‘over the top’? She shouldn’t have smoked indoors in the first place.”
  • “Yesterday, netizens were saying how they didn’t care overseas and I just thought ‘I see’ but turns out, it was illegal too.”
  • “We need people who report illegal acts like these for crimes to go down though.”
  • “I’m a blink and I love Jennie but that’s so inconsiderate to do inside a closed space because she’s bothering other ppl who don’t want to smoke or don’t smoke at all.”
  • “Deserved, I don’t care who you are. Stop smoking in places where it’s illegal. No one wants to smell your second-hand smoke.”
  • “I mean I get her smoking indoors was an ick but reporting her to the embassy is crazy.”
  • “LOL, she’s stupid. She could’ve at least done it by a window.”
  • “Some of her fans act like this is such a massive attack by haters, but it’s a small fine and as petty as a report may be, it is a legitimate law lol.”

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