BLACKPINK Lisa & RIIZE Shotaro Tease Secret Project After Unexpected Fancall Mention

During a recent fan call, RIIZE’s Shotaro pleasantly surprised fans with an unexpected reference to BLACKPINK’s Lisa and her latest song, “Rockstar.”

Lisa’s track has gained worldwide attention for its memorable line, “Lisa, can you teach me Japanese? I responded with はい、はい (hai hai).”

During the fan call, Shotaro was asked by a fan to teach them some Japanese phrases. In a charming and surprising manner, he responded by singing Lisa’s iconic line from her song. The fan shared the heartwarming moment, noting Shotaro’s adorable reaction when he realized his mistake.

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The encounter has sparked a surge of enthusiasm among online users, who are currently abuzz with anticipation and anticipation for a potential joint effort between the two K-Pop stars renowned for their outstanding dancing abilities.

Fans have shown their excitement at the prospect of Shotaro and Lisa teaming up, envisioning the amazing dance performances they could produce as a duo.

According to some fans’ comments:

  • “my silly shotaro, he even confidently sang”
  • “He is so cute”
  • “hoping for collab soon”
  • “anddddd once again riizepink nation we won”
  • “He is adorable I can’t. I will cry my taro “
  • “Hahaha He is so cute!”
  • “that’s funny”
  • “Cute guy “
  • “That’s so cute tho”

In a recent live stream, Shotaro, a member of RIIZE, gained attention for issuing a sincere apology in response to dating rumors involving other members.

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During the Weverse live stream on March 13, 2024, all six members were present and Anton and Eunseok took the opportunity to address the controversy and apologize for any misunderstandings, reassuring their fans.

Despite speculation about his role in the group, it was Shotaro’s genuine apology that left a lasting impression. As the oldest member of the group, Shotaro expressed remorse for any worry he may have caused among fans and emphasized the strong bond and unwavering dedication of RIIZE. His demonstration of leadership qualities sparked conversations about his potential as a future leader within the group.

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