BTS Members Envious of Jin? The Shocking Reason Revealed

During the ‘BTS Festa’, Jin, a member of BTS, shared his sincere reflections on completing his military service and reconnecting with fans. In an interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin discussed the difficulties and joys of resuming his duties immediately after being discharged.

Just a day after completing his military duty on June 12, Jin surprised fans by participating in the ‘2024 Festa’. Reflecting on this whirlwind experience, he admitted:

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“It was a lot of pressure and difficult because I didn’t have enough time to prepare. It wasn’t easy, but I did it out of love for ARMY.”

The singer shared a funny story about his celebration on the day he was discharged, during which the BTS members, who were still serving in the military, genuinely expressed their envy.

“The members kept saying how jealous they were of me,”Jin chuckled. “I teased them a lot, which annoyed them but made them laugh too.”

Despite his return to public life, Jin confessed that the transition still feels surreal. “It still feels like a vacation, and I feel like I might have to go back to the base,”he shared. “It doesn’t feel like I’m fully discharged yet.”

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Jin, renowned for his kindness towards fans, credited BTS’s enduring success to their close relationship with ARMY.

“BTS really loves ARMY, so it’s only natural to give your best for the people you like,”he emphasized.

Recently, it was announced that BTS member Jin will be a torchbearer for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics, which has caused excitement around the globe.

After being discharged from mandatory military service, Jin’s involvement serves as a testament to his thriving post-service profession. The public and BTS’s ARMY fanbase are eagerly anticipating further details about his torchbearing relay, heightening the excitement.

Jin’s varied professional endeavors, which include upcoming musical ventures and television appearances, showcase his dedication to discovering fresh avenues. This declaration not only highlights BTS’s worldwide impact, but also signifies a significant accomplishment in Jin’s burgeoning career outside of the music industry.

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