BLACKPINK’s Jennie takes a trip to Capri Island amidst vaping controversy

On July 8, Jennie uploaded various images and accompanied them with the phrase “Salute Capri.”

In the pictures, Jennie can be seen having a great time on Capri Island in southern Italy, where she attended a fashion event for a French brand. She effortlessly poses against the stunning natural scenery.

jennie blackpink
jennie blackpink
jennie blackpink

Jennie’s beauty is perfectly complemented by her teal outfit, as she is captured wearing sunglasses and a scarf in the photos. The images also showcase her taking moments to relax at the resort while preparing for the show.

Despite the recent controversy surrounding footage of Jennie exhaling smoke in a vlog, the female idol continues to face accusations of vaping indoors. Although the video has been deleted, numerous negative comments directed towards Jennie are still surfacing in relation to the incident.

The source can be found at Daum.

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