Is Jennie from BLACKPINK Vaping? Evidence Deleted and Criticized

In a recent vlog on her personal YouTube channel, BLACKPINK’s Jennie was captured appearing to vape. While getting her makeup done for the Jacquemus show in Italy, the female idol was seen bringing an object to her mouth and exhaling smoke. The smoke was then observed drifting towards the makeup artists working on her.

Although Jennie’s team promptly removed the scene from the vlog, it continues to be a highly discussed subject, attracting a large number of readers. Specifically, the topic of “Jennie suspected of vaping”is currently the most popular entertainment topic on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. Similarly, a related discussion on “theqoo”has also garnered significant attention, receiving over 70,000 views and thousands of comments in just one hour.

jennie blackpink
BLACKPINK’s Jennie brought an object to her mouth and then exhaled smoking, raising suspicions of her vaping indoors.

Jennie has faced significant backlash from netizens for her actions. They believe that her vaping habit poses a direct threat to her health and also impacts the well-being of her makeup staff. Furthermore, they assert that this behavior tarnishes her image as an idol and can have a detrimental effect on her young fans.

Some viewpoints argue that Jennie may not have been vaping and that there could have been another object involved, leading to a potential misunderstanding.

The topic “Jennie suspected of vaping” is currently the top entertainment topic on Weibo.

Listed below are comments from internet users:

  • There’s a person right in front of her…………. It’s really rude to just use vape in their face like that
  • I really hate people who smoke indoors
  • It’s fine to vape but I don’t think she should do it right into someone’s face like that
  • She must be a rather heavy smoker to have to smoke even while putting on makeup like that
  • As an adult, she has the freedom to decide whether or not she wants to smoke. However, she should wait until after putting on her makeup before smoking.
  • While smoking may be tolerated, it becomes unpleasant when there’s someone directly in front of you.
  • It appears that these celebrities do not view their staff as individuals.

The source is from K14 and theqoo.

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