Blue Lock Chapter 265: Major Spoilers to Expect

The release of Blue Lock chapter 265 is set for Wednesday, June 12, 2024. With such a long wait ahead, fans may be curious about the upcoming events in the chapter. Therefore, this article presents potential developments that could occur, such as potential attacks from Ness or Charles and Kiyora’s difficult decision.

The last chapter provided insight into Kiyora Jin’s background and tendencies. He was fated to constantly straddle the line and choose a side, using his skills to assist the winning team. During the match, Charles prevented Isagi from scoring a goal, but Alexis Ness suddenly appeared and offered to aid Kaiser in scoring.

Please note: This article includes spoilers from the Blue Lock manga.

What to expect from Chapter 265 of Blue Lock?

Possible Revision: Role of Alexis Ness in Scoring a Goal for Kaiser in Blue Lock Chapter 265

Alexis Ness as seen in the Blue Lock manga (Image via Kodansha)
Alexis Ness as seen in the Blue Lock manga (Image via Kodansha)

In the previous chapter, it was shown that Charles Chevalier successfully blocked Kurona Ranze’s pass to Yoichi Isagi, resulting in the ball falling to Alexis Ness. Despite the belief that Ness had lost his confidence due to Michael Kaiser’s departure, the Magician remained determined to assist Kaiser in scoring his goal.

As the ball descended towards Alexis Ness, his eyes displayed intense concentration. This gave the impression that he could possibly unveil a new skill in the upcoming chapter, one that could assist Michael Kaiser in scoring a goal with his Kaiser Impact Point – Magnus effect shot. However, supporters will have to wait and see how this situation unfolds.

Kiyora Jin’s Possible Alliance with Isagi or Kaiser in Blue Lock Chapter 265

Kiyora Jin as seen in the Blue Lock manga (Image via Kodansha)
Kiyora Jin as seen in the Blue Lock manga (Image via Kodansha)

The previous chapter exposed Kiyora Jin’s background and character. It was uncovered that he was fated to choose between two options. However, regardless of which side he chose, they would ultimately emerge as the victor. This characteristic was also passed down to Blue Lock, as Kiyora Jin had to make a decision between Isagi and Kaiser in his first and last Neo-Egoist League match.

In light of the current situation, it is highly likely that the Left Wing Back will reach a decision in Blue Lock chapter 265. This decision could potentially impact Isagi or Kaiser’s ability to score a goal, with the potential support of Kiyora Jin. The Left Wing Back’s hope is to receive a favorable evaluation that could potentially secure their place on Japan’s U-20 team.

Charles Chevalier’s Potential Role in Blue Lock Chapter 265

Charles Chevalier as seen in the Blue Lock manga (Image via Kodansha)
Charles Chevalier as seen in the Blue Lock manga (Image via Kodansha)

As a result of Kunigami Rensuke’s constant man-marking on Ryusei Shidou, Charles Chevalier lost his motivation to play in the match. This resulted in Yoichi Isagi excluding him from his attack strategies. However, when Charles regained his motivation, the Contrarian was able to instantly block Isagi’s attacks.

Upon Charles Chevalier’s comeback, followers of Paris X Gen can anticipate the Contrarian resuming his role in the team’s offensive strategies. Nonetheless, since Ryusei Shidou has been rendered ineffective by Kunigami Rensuke, Charles may need to redirect his attacks towards another target.

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