Can You Play Nightmare Kart on the Steam Deck? – Answered

The highly anticipated Nightmare Kart, formerly known as Bloodborne Kart, has finally arrived on PC via Steam and it delivers an incredible gaming experience. Paying homage to beloved Kart racing games and Bloodborne, this title is lightweight and completely free-to-play. However, with its smooth performance on PC, many are wondering if Nightmare Kart will be compatible on the upcoming Steam Deck.

Is Nightmare Kart Playable on the Steam Deck?

Indeed, the Steam Deck is fully compatible with Nightmare Kart and the game runs smoothly on the handheld device.

If you observe the performance overlay, you will notice that it is consistently running at 60 frames per second and utilizing minimal GPU and CPU resources. The power consumption is also low at 8 watts, but you have the option to decrease it and play for extended periods. During our hour-long gameplay, we did not experience any lag and the frame rate remained steady.

In our opinion, the default 720p resolution on the screen looks fantastic, but you also have the option to increase the resolution. Additionally, the game supports Steam Cloud, allowing you to continue your progress on any of your devices. Nightmare Kart also offers multiple button prompt choices and the ability to completely rebind them.

For PC players experiencing any controller-related problems while playing the game, we have a few suggestions to help resolve them.

Nightmare Kart has achieved great success on Steam, receiving highly positive reviews from users for its art, music, and overall feel of the vehicles. While Bloodborne on PC may not be a reality that Sony supports currently, the presence of the Bloodborne PSX Demake and now Nightmare Kart helps to keep that dream alive.

Sony has continuously been launching a variety of games from their limited collection on PC, with the recent reveals of God of War Ragnarok and Until Dawn Remake. We are optimistic that the triumph of these releases will prompt PlayStation to also bring over titles co-created with Japan Studio.

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