How to Spawn Mega Units in Squad Busters

In Squad Busters, units can be classified in various ways. One way is by their rarity, but they can also be divided into normal units and mega units when looking at them as a whole. Mega units are larger and much more powerful than regular units, but they are extremely scarce. It is important to understand the mechanics surrounding mega units in order to adjust your playstyle and increase your chances of finding them in Squad Busters.

Mega Units, Explained

Mega Units are essentially equivalent to 10 regular units. They possess incredible strength, and obtaining one can greatly improve your chances of making a comeback. As shown in the image above, a typical Mega unit has 9,000 health and 765 DPS. These units have the power to transform any team into a formidable opponent, regardless of how far you may be trailing.

Despite this, the card does display the label “Lucky Find”at the top. This is due to its status as the most rare item that can be discovered in a chest while playing the game. It is not uncommon to play 10 matches without encountering a single Mega unit.

Apart from the challenge of obtaining Mega units, you must also unlock them. Mega units are acquired as character tokens, but upgrading these characters is not necessary. These tokens represent the number of times you can use a specific Mega unit. Therefore, using one Mega unit in a game will consume one token. However, due to the rarity of these units, their significance is diminished. In the event that one does appear, pay-to-win players may have an advantage.

How to Obtain Mega Units in Squad Busters

There are ways to strategically locate Mega units during a match in Squad Busters. The game utilizes a catch-up mechanic, a common feature in competitive games. This means that if you are falling behind, you have a greater chance of obtaining epic units from chests. Even if you have not unlocked or upgraded these units, they may appear for purchase. As you fall behind, epic units become more prevalent and Mega units become more within reach.

Although they are not very common, if you are searching for Mega units, it is recommended to aim for 6th to 10th place. It is possible to have a strong squad or powerful characters even if you are trailing behind, as the match ranking is determined by the number of gems and not your squad’s strength.

One can adopt a playstyle focused on locating Mega units and attempting to eliminate all opponents in the final 30 seconds of the game. Choosing Goblins can also increase your gold and enhance your strength, but it may result in fewer gems. However, it should be noted that obtaining a Mega unit is still uncommon, making this strategy not the most effective.

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