BTS Jin’s Brother Makes Surprise Cameo on TikTok — Fans Are Losing It

Fans were recently amazed when Kim Seok Jung, the brother of BTS Jin, made a surprise appearance on a Japanese influencer’s TikTok. The influencer filmed the video at their family’s restaurant, Ossu Seiromushi, which only added to the excitement for netizens.

Jin, a beloved member of the internationally renowned group BTS, has always had a strong connection with his brother Kim Seok Jung. In 2018, the two siblings joined forces to open Ossu Seiromushi, with Jin taking on the role of director and Seok Jung as the owner.

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The restaurant has gained a reputation for its authentic Japanese dishes, particularly for its seiro-mushi style of cooking, which involves serving food in wooden steamers. Since its establishment, it has drawn in a diverse crowd of food lovers and loyal BTS fans.

The influencer @satton_korean101 shared a recent TikTok video in which she introduced Kim Seok Jung. She explained that while she spoke Japanese, he spoke Korean.

During the video, @satton_korean101 discussed different Japanese terms with Seok Jung, who then provided their Korean equivalents. This included common words such as chopsticks and tongs.

The video ended with a lighthearted scene in which Seok Jung tried to strike a cute pose and released an adorable scream, displaying his charming and bashful nature.

Fans were delighted by this rare insight into Seok Jung’s character, with many of them pointing out the striking resemblances between him and his well-known brother, Jin. One netizen even commented,

  • “Their voices are so similar, it felt like Jin himself was in the video.”
  • “why i heard Jin’s voice at the end?? is it just me or..??”
  • “is he jin’s elder brother? “
  • “at the end, i hear jin”
  • “why did that sound like Jin”
  • “That’s my brother in law “
  • “hello jin brother”
  • “his smile after saying cola, seokjin really takes after him”
  • “wow, isn’t this the first time we see Jin’s brother like this?? his smile is kinda similar!”
  • “please the last one is so Jin coded “

As Jin’s military service is coming to an end, the video has further amplified the emotional anticipation felt by ARMYs, the devoted fanbase of BTS.

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