EXO’s Baekhyun’s Encounter with an Overzealous Fan at Hong Kong Airport

On June 7th, EXO’s Baekhyun safely landed at Hong Kong International Airport for the Hong Kong stop of his Asia tour, “Lonsdaleite.” However, videos taken upon his arrival have caused concern among netizens.

exo baekhyun

As Baekhyun exited the plane, fan accounts described a chaotic scene. Fans who appeared to have been on the same flight closely followed him, eagerly filming him with their phones. Upon seeing him, others rushed towards him, eagerly awaiting his arrival.

exo baekhyun airport
exo baekhyun airport

Despite the criticism, one fan in particular received attention for approaching Baekhyun in an aggressive manner. Fortunately, security personnel stepped in and guided her away from the idol.

Despite the negative reactions online, netizens have shown concern for Baekhyun’s safety and have condemned the fan’s behavior. Several have even suggested the need for stricter security measures, with some humorously recommending Baekhyun to hire a bodyguard.

This event emphasizes the significance of respecting personal boundaries and ensuring organization at airports. It is important for fans to remember to prioritize safety and behave appropriately when interacting with celebrities.

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