BTS Jin’s Unmatched Hanteo Chart Success Ahead of His Return

The Hanteo Charts are currently in a frenzy of excitement, largely due to the upcoming milestone for BTS. As fans eagerly anticipate Jin’s return from military service, the charts have been completely dominated by the group’s albums, both recent releases and older ones.

The dominance of BTS on Hanteo Charts’ “Physical Album Chart”left netizens in awe, demonstrating both their impressive collective talents and the lasting popularity of their individual releases. This was evident as even albums released over a year ago resurfaced on the chart, proving the enduring appeal of BTS’s music.

Throughout the day, BTS continued to dominate the charts, holding onto ten of the top fifteen spots by evening. This consistent success both surprised and filled fans with pride, showcasing BTS’s unwavering popularity.

The driving force behind this record-breaking success? Jin’s “Hug Event.”As his discharge from the military approaches, supporters have enthusiastically taken part in a unique event where buying specific albums gives them the opportunity to enter a drawing for a chance to meet Jin and receive a hug. This campaign not only increased album purchases but also reinforced ARMYs’ unwavering devotion to BTS.

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Recently, there have been reports praising BTS member Jin for his generosity towards his fellow soldiers while serving in the South Korean military. He has earned the nickname “Pretty Jin who buys me food well”for his frequent purchases of meals for his comrades using his personal funds.

The recent online post showcased Jin’s generosity through heartwarming anecdotes shared by soldiers who have personally experienced his acts of kindness.

Despite his generous nature of treating his peers to food, Jin has also gained recognition for his dedication to physical transformation and involvement in fitness. This news comes after previous reports of Jin’s kind deeds, including him giving his earnings to his BTS bandmate Jimin. Fans have shown overwhelming support and admiration for Jin’s empathy and are eagerly anticipating his return from service in June 2024.

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