The Reason Go Hyun-jung Refuses to Wear These Kinds of Outfits in Her Work is Truly Admirable

On June 7th, Go Hyun-jung’s YouTube channel uploaded a vlog in which she can be seen discussing the drama’s costumes in detail while enjoying a meal at a BBQ restaurant with her stylist.

Upon her stylist’s return from a meeting with the drama team, Go Hyun-jung inquired about whether they had discussed her character’s wardrobe with the director and writer. She actively participated in the conversation regarding the direction of her character’s clothing.

go hyun jung

Go Hyun-jung, in her upcoming project, will portray the role of Kang Soo-hyun, the CEO of an entertainment agency. She discussed her perspective on the character’s wardrobe with the drama’s director, emphasizing the significance of viewers being able to perceive the cost of the actors’ attire. She highlighted the importance of paying attention to this aspect.

go hyun jung

In her explanation, Go Hyun-jung stated that if the clothes worn by the characters in a drama do not fit the overall atmosphere, it can negatively impact viewers’ immersion. As a result, she strives to limit the cost of Kang Soo-hyun’s outfits to under 500,000 won. This demonstrates her careful attention to detail in order to maintain the character’s authenticity and keep viewers engrossed in the drama.

The focus of Go Hyun-jung’s upcoming drama “The Starry Night”is on the relationship between entertainment agency CEO Kang Soo-hyun (played by Go Hyun-jung) and aspiring trainee Yoo Jin-woo (played by Ryeoun). Kang Soo-hyun is portrayed as a character with ulterior motives, determined to sell Yoo Jin-woo, a talented trainee who was unable to debut, to another company. This suggests a potential transformation in Go Hyun-jung’s acting career and adds to the anticipation for the drama.

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