BTS V’s Guerilla Concert in Gangneun Behind Video Released

On July 11th, “BANGTAN TV”, BTS’s official YouTube channel, released a new video titled “V’s 20-Second Live in Gangneung”.

Last September, V donned a disguise as an unfamiliar singer in Gangneung and gave impromptu performances to a select audience. He wore a doll mask to invite them and sang live for 20 seconds during his guerrilla concert.

During the KTX train ride to Gangneung, V asked, “Do we not need a ticket for a train like this?”showing his curiosity as he hadn’t been on a train for a while. As the train began its journey, he remarked, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a train. It seems to be moving slowly. Is this the normal speed?”

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After admiring the scenery outside the window, V arrived at a jazz bar in Gangneung. He enthusiastically shared his ideas with the content production team about the guerilla event, including planning, stage decoration, and inviting the audience. As he took care of the bear, which played a crucial role in attracting the audience, V couldn’t contain his excitement and nervousness, concerned about the turnout of the event.

Upon realizing that it was not as easy as he had anticipated to find customers, V smiled and remarked, “We traveled all the way to Gangneung by train.”He then explained, “I had initially planned for it to be a surprise so we could catch people off guard, but unfortunately, it ended up with me being the only one surprised by a lack of customers.”

bts v

Later that day, the jazz bar was bustling with visitors, including students and couples. Everyone was taken aback when V suddenly appeared before them, mistaking him for a new singer about to perform. To their delight, V flawlessly performed his solo songs “Slow Dancing”and “Love Me Again”live.

After the impromptu concert, V made a quick stop at a market in Gangneung for some hotteok. Despite feeling a bit flustered when the hotteok shop owner recognized him as a celebrity, V humbly denied it. The lively energy of the market lifted V’s spirits and he thoroughly enjoyed his time there, smiling from ear to ear.

The hotteok store and bread shops in the central market of Gangneung that V visited have become popular destinations for fans.

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