HYBE’s Recent Move Sparks Outrage from Fans: Is NewJeans Being Erased?

On June 9, a joint venture between HYBE and The Grammy Museum was revealed, which includes a unique exhibit featuring HYBE artists.


The announcement featured a graphic of the artists who would be participating in the exhibition. It also highlighted KATSEYE, the newly-formed girl group, as well as artists from BOYNEXTDOOR and &TEAM, both subsidiaries with a focus on Japan.

Despite the group’s immense popularity, it was clear that NewJeans was not present, causing fans to voice their frustration about feeling neglected.


Up until now, NewJeans supporters have been expressing their discontent with the situation through various harsh comments, such as “they really don’t deserve my jeanies”, “It’s ironic that *now* HYBE is acknowledging fromis_9, but continues to exclude NewJeans, their highest-earning girl group”, and “This is not the first instance of HYBE showing questionable behavior towards NewJeans, but it is now evident that they do not fully support the group.”

Despite criticism towards HYBE, some netizens have come to the company’s defense by stating that the CEO of NewJeans’ agency, Min Hee-jin, had previously prevented the girl group from collaborating with HYBE. Thus, the outcome was to be expected.

The source of the information is the Grammy Museum’s K-Pop exhibit, which is focused on HYBE and their belief in the power of music.

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