Hoax Alert: No Evidence of SM Boy Group Performing with Condoms on Stage

Recently, the members of WayV, a sub-unit of NCT primarily promoting in China, made an appearance at the 2024 Waterbomb music festival. During their performance, they delivered numerous dynamic stages and showcased their impressive stamina and vocal abilities by singing a song live without any accompanying music.


The recent Waterbomb performance by WayV in 2024 has quickly gained popularity, although not for the intended reason. Fans were quick to point out that all of the members were using hand-held microphones that were covered by an object.

The object’s top and bottom, along with a plastic ring on top, caused fans to suspect that they were condoms. This sparked a wild discussion on social media about the possibility of the SM boy group using condoms.


As it happens, it is a common practice for artists to utilize condoms as a means of protecting their equipment on stage, as it is both cost-effective and efficient in preventing any water damage.

Origin: Krb

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