BTS’s Jin departs for France today (July 11th) for the Olympic torch relay

As reported by Star News, Jin is set to depart from Incheon International Airport this morning for a flight to France. This will be nine days after the announcement of his selection to take part in the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics torch relay on July 2nd.

The date for the opening of the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics has been confirmed for July 26th (local time). The torch relay, which commenced in April in Olympia, Greece, will cover 64 regions in France, including major cities and coastal areas, before arriving at the opening ceremony.

bts jin

Upon reaching the destination, Jin will take part in the torch relay, promoting the values of “unity”and “peace”. Being chosen as a torchbearer for one of the biggest sporting events in the world further emphasizes the special position of BTS. Fans are eagerly awaiting the moment when Jin runs with the torch.

BTS, also known as the “21st-century pop icon” , has made a lasting impact on the music industry. As an internationally renowned group, BTS has utilized their platform for positive change, including delivering speeches at the UN General Assembly on two occasions and consistently supporting the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign with UNICEF Korea since 2017.

After completing his military service on June 12th, Jin wasted no time in diving into his activities with full dedication. As the first member of BTS to complete his military duty, he participated in the 2024 FESTA, a special event celebrating the group’s debut, which took place in Songpa-gu, Seoul. Additionally, he recently appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “Half-Star Hotel in Lost Island”alongside his close friend, Chef Lee Yeon-bok, at the end of last month.

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