Comparing Accusations: ATTRAKT Embezzlement vs Ahn Sung Il’s Alleged Tampering in FIFTY FIFTY

The first hearing for the 1 billion won damages lawsuit filed by ATTRAKT against The Givers, CEO Ahn Sung Il, and director Baek Jin Sil was held by the 33rd Civil Division of the Seoul Central District Court on July 11th.

According to Ahn Sung Il’s lawyer, the media has already reported on this case in favor of the plaintiff. The defendants have not yet responded, but have continued to believe that the truth will be revealed through the trial proceedings.

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They stated, “The plaintiff alleges that the service contract was terminated without mutual agreement, but both parties had reached an agreement. The defendants have had minimal involvement in the disputes between the plaintiff and the members. The details of the case will be disclosed and there are ongoing investigations, which may impact the outcome of the proceedings. We will address each point as instructed by the court.”

The defendants strongly emphasized that, besides director Baek Jin Sil’s refusal to advertise, there is no solid proof of any alleged damages. They are requesting that the plaintiff specify precisely what damages have occurred.

As per the complaint filed by ATTRAKT, Ahn Sung Il and Baek Jin Sil breached their contractual duties, disrupted the plaintiff’s activities, misled the plaintiff, and engaged in actions that harmed the plaintiff’s interests, resulting in substantial financial loss.

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According to ATTRAKT, CEO Ahn Sung Il of The Givers signed a Project Management service contract (effective June 1st, 2021 to May 31st, 2026) with ATTRAKT to oversee the development and debut of a new girl group project. Additionally, The Givers’ internal director, Baek Jin Sil, was responsible for project management and related tasks under the same contract.

As a result of Ahn Sung Il and Baek Jin Sil’s breach of duties and unlawful actions, including embezzlement and missed opportunities for important business deals such as advertising and sponsorships, our company has faced direct conflicts with the artists, impeding our ability to carry out normal entertainment activities. The current damages being claimed are only a portion of the total amount, and we intend to seek further compensation during the trial proceedings.

Recently, ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon reported Ahn Sung Il to the Gangnam Police Station for embezzlement, forgery, and use of forged documents in July 2023. In June 2023, Jeon also reported Ahn to the prosecution for charges of business obstruction and destruction of electronic records. As a result, additional charges of embezzlement were identified and sent to the prosecution.

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