SM Entertainment Addresses Impersonators Stealing Personal Information of EXO and NCT Members: Official Statement Released

The agency has issued a firm warning regarding individuals who impersonate others.

On July 11, SM Entertainment issued an official statement through KWANGYA 119, addressing the concerns of impersonators accessing the personal information of EXO and NCT members. The agency acknowledged the issue and provided an update on the situation.

In April 2023, SM addressed an incident involving individuals who disguised themselves as delivery drivers and stole private information from artists. The agency also informed of the legal actions taken against those responsible for these criminal acts.

Access the complete statement from the agency:

“Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We would like to inform you of the lawsuit results against the personal information theft of one EXO member and three NCT members.

In April 2023, an incident occurred involving individuals impersonating courier drivers during a live broadcast on X (Twitter). We have collected a large amount of proof through the reports of fans and our self-monitoring.

We have appointed Shin & Kim Law Firm as the plaintiff’s representative to file a complaint for violating the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.

The accused delivery drivers in the case committed crimes such as stealing the artists’ addresses by impersonating a courier during a live broadcast, which contained a huge number of viewers, and broadcasting this information to disclose to the public.

Police authorities have identified four suspects in the live broadcast and sent two of them, who directly called the artists, to the prosecutor’s office for indictment.

In the trial held, the defendants admitted to all the crimes and claimed that they committed these crimes out of their love for their artists. The two defendants were fined 3 million won ($2,175.90 USD) each.

We are deeply grateful for the valuable reports from fans who have helped us take legal action against these violations.

To this day, the acts of stealing an artist’s phone number or home address without permission to call or visit them have persisted for a long time.

Though the artists have endured these obstacles because they are celebrities, these violations have become too much for them to take and they are suffering from severe mental pain.

We want to reinforce that these acts are not expressions of love towards the artists, but are serious acts of crime that cause psychological harm to them.

Additionally, to protect our artists, we will continue to monitor and take legal action against the mentioned criminal acts, as well as the infringement on our artists’ rights and reputation.

We will implement legal procedures with a zero-tolerance principle and await the results of several other lawsuits. We encourage you to stop participating in any acts that lead to the artists’ invasion of privacy and involvement in any other unlawful acts.

Thank you.”

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