BTS’s Jin: I Treated My Comrades to a Lot of Meals, They Called Me ‘God’

Weverse Magazine published an interview with Jin on July 10th, shortly after his discharge from the military.

Jin expressed that despite being out of work, it still feels like he is on a temporary break and will eventually have to return to his duties. He continues to struggle with adjusting to a new schedule, as he still feels tired at night but must adhere to a regular work schedule. Despite these challenges, he has been able to adapt quickly and has only had one day off from work in the eight days since his departure.

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When Jin was told, “You must have been an exceptional senior soldier since one of the juniors was crying uncontrollably,”he clarified, “Not everyone cries, but it’s common when beloved seniors depart. For me, it wasn’t about being a great senior, but rather my popularity. (laughs)”He attributed his popularity to his habit of treating his comrades and juniors to meals.

Jin shared, with a smile, that during his military service, he used his pay and more to provide food for everyone. Many of his comrades were just 19 years old and had never worked before, but Jin, being more financially stable, believed in the importance of eating well for good health. He would often say, “Come on, I’ll treat you,”and pay for their meals, buying them an abundance of fried chicken, jokbal, and pizza. He even took soldiers from other barracks out for barbecue. Sometimes, his fellow soldiers would playfully tease him, saying, “Sergeant Kim, did you do anything besides sleep today?”In response, Jin would jokingly say, “Which barracks are you from

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In the meantime, Jin became the inaugural BTS member to fulfill his military duties, concluding on June 12th. He has since been actively pursuing his career after being discharged. The day following his release, he made an appearance at the “2024 FESTA” to greet fans and is scheduled to feature on MBC’s entertainment program “Half-Star Hotel in Lost Island” . Furthermore, he has been chosen as a torchbearer for the upcoming Paris Olympics and will be departing for France in the near future.

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