Han So-hee Becomes Martial Art Assistant Instructor: Impressive Vigor

On July 10, a video was uploaded on Instagram featuring actress Han So-hee showing off her impressive action skills. She was tagged in the post.

It was reported that Han So-hee served as an assistant instructor for martial arts at a collaboration event between Seoul Action School and Seoul Arts Academy. The event was also attended by directors Jeong Doo-hond and Heo Myung-haeng, as well as various martial art instructors and members of the Seoul Action School.

Prior to this, Han So-hee underwent training at Seoul Action School to acquire martial arts skills and action sequences for her role as Yoon Ji-woo in the 2021 Netflix series “My Name”. In the show, she portrays a woman who joins a gang in order to seek revenge for her father’s murder and later becomes a spy within the police force.

It appears that Han So-hee has maintained a strong connection with the school, to the extent of being selected as a martial arts assistant instructor for the recent event.

Origin: VKR

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