Overwatch 2 Support Tier List for Season 11

In the 11th season of Overwatch 2, there have been significant changes for the support role. It is crucial to be aware of the current meta in order to succeed, so we have compiled a tier list of the strongest support heroes.

The mid-season update for Season 11 has recently been released, bringing significant changes for Tanks. The entire role has received a buff, resulting in improved sustain for all of them. As a result, there are also notable changes in the Support meta.

The return of the Mauga meta has had a significant impact on the viability of certain heroes. Some have seen a rise in their effectiveness, while others have experienced a decline.

According to the data accessible through Overbuff and our observations of the current meta, the support heroes can be ranked in the following order.


S Tier


OW2 Lucio
Blizzard Entertainment

Despite changing metas, Lucio remains a crucial support hero for many team compositions. His ability to greatly increase the speed of all allies makes him a valuable addition to any team. Additionally, his exceptional wall riding mobility further solidifies his role on any team. So, if you’re unsure of who to choose, Lucio is always a reliable pick.


OW2 Ana
Blizzard Entertainment

Despite her decline in usage in past seasons, Ana’s role in the current meta has been revitalized thanks to Season 11’s mid-season patch which has brought Mauga back to the forefront. In order to counter him, her Biotic Nade has become an essential tool.

It’s there

Kiriko from overwatch 2

Kiriko is consistently a top pick for flex supports regardless of team composition. She offers exceptional mobility, impressive damage potential (especially for those skilled in landing kunai headshots), and ample healing to sustain her team. Even though her Suzu ability received a nerf in the Season 11 update, it remains a valuable tool, especially when combined with the support of Lucio for a formidable backline.

Top Tier


OW2 Baptiste
Blizzard Entertainment

Having a skilled player supporting him, Baptiste is capable of serving as a secondary hitscan DPS for the team, while also providing healing. Additionally, his abilities such as Immortality Field and Amp Matrix are vital for rescuing a teammate from certain death or changing the pace of the game, making Baptiste an excellent choice for any team.


Illari from overwatch 2

In Season 11’s update, Illari has received significant buffs to her Healing Pylon and Outburst, causing her to rise in the rankings. Thanks to these improvements, Illari’s healing capabilities have increased, making it challenging for enemies to eliminate targets being protected by her pylon. Additionally, skilled players can now deal a considerable amount of damage with Illari.

B Tier


moira in overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment

Despite not being considered a top pick in the current meta, Moira remains a formidable hero for the majority of players in Season 11. Her ability to provide high levels of healing and damage, combined with her mobility to aid in peeling or escaping enemy dives, compensates for her lack of utility. As the current meta shifts towards a focus on brawling, Moira is still a solid choice for any team composition.


OW2 Brigitte
Blizzard Entertainment

Despite not being a hero that is chosen in every lobby, Brigitte excels at her role as an anti-dive peel support. Her Inspire passive offers significant healing, and her ultimate ability, Rally, not only makes her incredibly resilient but also grants her a Shield Bash that can Stun opponents.

C Tier


Zenyatta Overwatch 2

Despite being focused on brawl, Zenyatta may struggle to survive in the current meta of Season 11. While Discord orb retains its power, it can only do so much when the enemy Tank and DPS are constantly targeting your backline and you are the most vulnerable target.

D Tier


Lifeweaver from Overwatch 2

Despite being an unconventional choice in Overwatch 2, Lifeweaver’s kit, which revolves around repositioning allies, can be effectively utilized by skilled players. However, compared to other support heroes, he requires a higher level of proficiency. While Lifeweaver can still be a viable option in Season 11, there may be better choices among the other heroes on this list.


OW2 Mercy
Blizzard Entertainment

Despite the return of Pink Mercy in Season 11 causing an increase in her pick rate, Mercy’s overall strength in the meta remains lacking. Her healing output is still underwhelming, she lacks a reliable way to deal damage, and her resurrect ability can easily be countered by skilled opponents. As a result, she is not considered to be the top choice in the current meta.

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