Hyeri Discusses Her Role in New Movie Victory and Comparisons to Reply 1988 Deoksun

On July 10th, Hyeri (Lee Hye-ri) was present at the press conference for her latest film “Victory”which took place at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Entrance in Seoul. During the event, Hyeri confidently shared her thoughts on her new character.

Hyeri’s character in Victory has a retro and laid-back personality, with a name that is reminiscent of her previous role as Deok-sun in tvN’s “Reply 1988”.


When questioned about whether he drew inspiration from “Reply 1988″while writing the script for “Victory”, director Park stated, “I did not use it as a reference while working on this film, but there were certain aspects I aimed to avoid. Some individuals suggested I write the screenplay first and make changes later, but I was confident that the character I had created was distinct from Deok-sun.”

Hyeri also mentioned, “I’m curious about what aspects of Deok-sun’s character reminded you of me, as I see very little similarity between the two.”She went on to explain, “When I first read the script, I didn’t even realize that the two characters shared the same name. It was only when someone called me by that name that I noticed.”She added, “Perhaps the retro setting of the movie contributes to a sense of familiarity, but in my opinion, Pilsun exudes qualities of a leader, a friend, and an admired older sister.”

The movie “Victory”follows the story of the “Millennium Girls”cheerleading squad, a group of enthusiastic members who captivate audiences with their thrilling dance routines and upbeat pop songs. The highly anticipated film is set to debut on August 14.

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