Buffed Destiny 2 Exotic Dominates Primary Meta with Absurd DPS

Destiny 2’s PvE meta has been dominated by a formidable Exotic, which comes as no surprise considering its primary damage output exceeds that of even special weapons.

Bungie’s decision to give Pulse Rifles a significant boost in The Final Shape has resulted in a staggering 38% increase in their damage against Minors. As a result, many Pulse Rifles have become top contenders in the meta, with Outbreak Perfected leading the pack.

Graviton Lance and Revision Zero’s Heavy Burst Mode were among the Pulse Rifles in The Final Shape that received only a portion of the buffs. However, Outbreak Perfected was fortunate to receive the complete set of buffs, including a 20% increase in damage against all combatants.

The effects of these buffs are evident, as Outbreak Perfected has become the most popular primary weapon in PvE as of July 9, 2024. According to DestinyTracker, the Exotic Pulse Rifle boasts a usage rate of 4.04%, surpassing other popular Exotics such as Still Hunt, Sunshot, and Graviton Lance.

Crafting OutbreaK Perfected in Destiny 2.

Outbreak Perfected can be crafted in The Enclave after completing Zero Hour.

The fact that Outbreak Perfected has incredibly high damage, comparable to special weapons rather than primary weapons, explains its popularity. In fact, when attacking Minors, this Exotic Pulse Rifle has more than double the DPS of Trace Rifles and narrowly outperforms Rocket-Assisted Sidearms like The Call.

Thanks to its powerful Exotic Perks, namely The Corruption Spreads and Parasitism, this weapon is able to create nanite swarms with rapid hits that result in additional damage. Moreover, the more nanite swarms attached, the greater the damage output due to the effects of Parasitism.

This combination alone leads to impressive DPS, but it’s the craftable variant from Zero Hour with Rewind Rounds that truly sets Outbreak Perfected apart. The continuous self-loading granted by Rewind Rounds enables the Exotic weapon to continuously increase its stack count and inflict even greater damage.

The potency of this effect is such that it renders the Exotic weapon a viable choice for facing tougher enemies such as champions. Currently, Outbreak Perfected excels in this role, thanks to the Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle artifact mod from Episode Echoes. This mod further enhances the already dominant Exotic by granting a 25% damage increase in relevant activities.

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