My Hero Academia’s Most Hated Character Isn’t Who You’d Expect

Fans of My Hero Academia have selected the most disliked character from the series, and surprisingly, it is not a villain but instead a character who plays a significant role in the origin of one antagonist.

Despite its seemingly clear-cut heroes and villains, the world of My Hero Academia is filled with complexity. The manga’s characters are depicted with relatable flaws and shades of gray, showcasing both their good and evil sides. While some villains have tragic backstories, even seemingly upright citizens are capable of committing cruel and heartless acts.

Shigaraki’s backstory serves as a prime example of both of these elements. Throughout his childhood, he suffered from abuse at the hands of his father, making his life a constant nightmare. However, things took a turn for the worse when his Quirk manifested and resulted in the death of his entire family.

Despite his desperate emotional state, the young boy fled from his home. Unfortunately, he received no assistance from anyone he encountered on the streets. Even when an elderly woman inquired about his well-being, she was immediately frightened by his appearance and hastily departed without a second thought for the child. Little did she realize, this same individual would eventually grow up to become Tomura Shigaraki and embark on a mission to destroy the entire nation.

Despite Shigaraki’s death and the conclusion of the war, the elderly lady made another appearance in Chapter 427 of My Hero Academia. She was among the citizens who harbored a strong dislike for Shigaraki and pondered if the heroes could have intervened earlier to prevent his actions.

My Hero Academia Chapters 427 and 237
Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha

It is ironic that she had the opportunity to prevent Tenko from becoming Shigaraki by simply helping the child on the street. However, she chose not to and instead criticized the heroes who risked their lives to protect civilians, including herself.

Despite this, many fans consider her to be among the most disliked characters in My Hero Academia. As pointed out by a Reddit user, “It’s ironic, isn’t it?”She reflects on whether the villain could have been stopped earlier, despite being one of the individuals who did not assist in his defeat initially.

Another person chimed in, noting, “The butterfly effect is a curious concept. Our actions, or inaction, can have unforeseen consequences in the distant future. It makes me wonder what this person would say if they knew that their decision to not help a young boy led to Shigaraki’s transformation.”

“The third commenter explained that the purpose of including the lady in the story was to demonstrate that one can also contribute to the problem at hand.

Shigaraki’s backstory is one of the most emotionally devastating aspects of the narrative. The reappearance of the elderly woman serves as a reminder that he was not inherently evil; rather, his origins stem from the mistreatment of others and the manipulation of All For One.

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