This ‘Criminal’ Prison Burrito Hack Has TikTok Divided

Tommy Winkler, also known as ‘The Food Guy’, has gained a cult following on the popular platform TikTok. At the time of this article’s publication, he has accumulated over 580 million likes.

Despite dividing his fans, his video showcasing how to make a burrito in prison has caused quite a stir.

Winkler causes a division among his viewers with his creation of a “burrito”using a mixture of hot cheetos, ramen, and cured sausage.

In the video, Winkler is shown wearing a white vest and sweat shorts in order to fully immerse himself in the prison mentality. He takes a pack of ramen and crushes it with his feet until all the noodles are crushed into small fragments.

Next, he pulverizes the flamin’ hot cheetos while they are still in the bag. He then adds the ramen and its flavor packets to the fiery red powder.

To complete the process, he slices a cured sausage using a gift card (as knives are not allowed in prison), places it in the bag, pours hot water, and tightly rolls the cheeto bag into a burrito shape. He then lets it sit for 10 minutes, allowing it to “cook.”


I feel like what I just made was illegal😬 #prisonburrito #thefoodguy #foodhacks #foodiefam #mukbang


Despite its appearance as a bright red lump of powder with sausage bits, the end result does somewhat resemble a burrito. As Winkler takes a bite, his expression does not convey much satisfaction with his creation, but he manages to finish it and rates it a six out of ten.

The creation received criticism from those in the comments, with one individual stating, “I immediately felt pain in my stomach.”Winkler responded by acknowledging, “There were consequences.”

Many individuals also supported this viewpoint, concurring that he would be “embracing the toilet.”

Despite some doubts, there were others who were convinced that the burrito looked appetizing. When one person inquired about its quality, Winkler responded with a simple “good”.

Some commenters suggested that the authentic way to prepare this burrito is by incorporating cheese spread into the filling, but others argued that this would only make it less appetizing.

The internet was divided once again when Gypsy Rose shared her prison energy drink, with many people sharing their thoughts on the matter.

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