Byun Woo-seok: “I Learned a Lot from Kim Hye-yoon”

On June 10, a video titled “Ask the ‘Lovely Runner’ Cast Anything”was released by tvN drama. The video featured behind-the-scenes stories, discussions about their characters, and heartfelt messages to the fans, serving as the final greeting.

During the interview, Byun Woo-seok was questioned about his most unforgettable experience portraying the male lead Seon-jae in the video. He shared, “One particular day, we had to enter the freezing water. The scene we filmed at Juyang Reservoir will always stay with me.”

byun woo seok-kim hye yoon

In the meantime, Kim Hye-yoon selected the final scene of episode 2 as her preferred ending for her character – Im Sol, the female lead. She clarified, “While all the endings were surprising, the one that stood out was the revelation that Seon-jae had feelings for Sol first. Despite knowing the twist, I was still taken aback.”

Byun Woo-seok was asked to choose between 19, 20, or 34 years old for his character Seon-jae. In a humorous response, he stated that all three ages were the same to him and therefore he couldn’t choose. He considered the question to be impossible to answer.

Kim Hye-yoon was asked about Sol’s most admirable trait and responded, stating that she wants to learn and emulate Sol’s ability to always bounce back with a positive attitude, regardless of any obstacles. As someone who does not possess this trait, Kim Hye-yoon expressed her desire to learn and embody it like Sol.

byun woo seok-kim hye yoon

Lee Seung-hyub complimented Kim Hye-yoon, remarking, “This holds true in real life as well, doesn’t it? I am truly impressed by your selfless nature and unwavering positivity, even in challenging situations. I aspire to emulate that.”

Upon being asked for a compliment by Kim Hye-yoon, Song Geon-hee expressed his gratitude for having an actor who consistently gives their all on set. Byun Woo-seok also chimed in, stating that he had learned a great deal from observing her hard work and consideration for others, resulting in a warm and positive atmosphere.

The source of the information can be found on Daum.

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