Riot Games vows to “Find Solutions” After Months of DDoS Attacks on T1 LoL

Riot Games has made a commitment to finding solutions to the problem of DDoS attacks that have been affecting T1’s League of Legends team, causing disruptions to player streams and practice.

In recent months, T1’s League of Legends team has faced consistent DDoS attacks on their players, leading to the cancellation of streams. In response to this ongoing problem, T1 publicly called upon Riot Games to address and resolve the issue.

The announcement was made following Faker’s first stream since returning from MSI, which was unfortunately hindered by connection problems caused by the DDoS attacks.

After much anticipation, Riot Games has addressed the DDoS problems and affirmed their commitment to resolving them as a top priority.

“Riot Meddler addressed the issue and acknowledged the frustration it has caused for everyone. They are currently working closely with T1 to ensure a safe playing and streaming environment.”

Meddle stated that Riot has been collaborating with T1 for several months. However, the recent DDoS attacks differed from those earlier in the year, which resulted in there being no immediate solutions available at the time.

“In response to the recent attacks, our team has been investigating the root cause of these issues. We are currently in ongoing discussions with T1 to find alternative methods for mitigating these attacks,”stated Meddler.

“Ensuring solutions for these pain points in the region has been and will continue to be a top priority for us. We remain committed to utilizing all available resources in our efforts to investigate the causes and find effective resolutions.”

T1 feature image from MSI
Gary Handley/Riot Games

In addition to impacting streaming, the DDoS attacks are also disrupting T1’s practice as players are unable to SoloQ, which is essential for maintaining their skills and proficiency in the game.

The organization claims that the suspension of streams has resulted in significant financial consequences, causing T1 to incur financial losses due to the attacks.

Moreover, Rekkles disclosed that the impact of the attacks was not limited to T1’s main LoL team. The attacks also affected their LCK Challengers team, of which Rekkles is a member, as well as their Valorant team, who happened to be practicing in the same facility.

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