Chainsaw Man chapter 168: Asa’s Revenge on Yoru

In the wake of the intense events in the previous issue, Chainsaw Man chapter 168 portrayed a unique resolution between Denji, War Devil Yoru, and Asa Mitaka. The chapter, which was officially published on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, also revealed some intriguing details while tying up loose ends from the recent events.

In chapter 168 of Chainsaw Man, this event further confirms that all parties involved have experienced significant trauma, and the “solution”presented appears to only provide temporary relief. This foreshadows future discussions between Asa/Yoru and Denji, hinting at their importance as the main focus of the story in the upcoming chapters.

Chainsaw Man chapter 168: Yoru and Asa’s Confirmed Feelings

Love and War: Chainsaw Man Chapter 168

The 168th chapter of Chainsaw Man opens with War Devil Yoru, who appears to have regained control of her and Asa Mitaka’s shared body. She looks at her hand with a look of disgust and refers to it as “gross.”She uses the water on the ground to wash her hands and tells Denji not to misunderstand her actions. She clarifies that she only kissed him because it felt good, with a disappointed expression on her face.

Denji was initially in shock when Yoru kissed him, causing him to ask her why she did it. In response, she repeated her statement while yelling and warning him not to get too confident. Denji was still puzzled by her behavior, but Yoru continued to gaze at his lips and leaned in for another kiss. When she pulled away, Denji couldn’t help but ask if she had feelings for him.

In Chainsaw Man chapter 168, Yoru expresses that she does not have feelings for Denji, but the “other me”inside her does. She explains that Asa’s feelings have transferred to her. Denji is left speechless and appears to be stunned by her words. Yoru then leaves, mentioning her own hunger and suggesting that Denji should have some sushi, lift his spirits, and get ready for battle.

Denji remains in place, watching as she walks away until she disappears from sight. He stares down in disbelief as the rain suddenly ceases. The focus then turns to Yoru, who emerges from the end of the alley, with the vestige of Asa running up to her.

In chapter 168 of Chainsaw Man, Asa pins her against the wall and takes control of their arm to keep her in place. Yoru shouts at Asa to stop, questioning why she kissed Denji. Asa asks about their previous kiss, to which Yoru confirms and explains that she was only trying to confirm her suspicions. Upon hearing this, Asa releases her grip and clenches their hand into a fist, delivering a punch to Yoru’s cheek.

Yoru reveals that she believed Asa enjoyed Chainsaw Man and expresses that she should be pleased about it. However, Asa expresses her concern that he may perceive her as promiscuous when Yoru surrenders control of their body to her. Asa then leans against the wall and sheds a few tears before composing herself and stating that she is too famished for this situation.

In chapter 168 of Chainsaw Man, the group returns to the train, leaving both Denji and Asa in shock as they silently gaze ahead with their mouths wide open. The chapter concludes with the group arriving at the Sushishi restaurant, where a sign displaying “Death by Sushi”greets them. It is also confirmed that there will be a one-week hiatus for the series after this release.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 168: In Summation

Despite its brevity, chapter 168 holds significant importance for various reasons, extending beyond the need to resolve the chaotic events in the series. Most notably, it emphasizes the fact that Denji is truly alone and adrift without Nayuta, highlighting his emotional emptiness and aimlessness by the end of the issue.

In chapter 168 of Chainsaw Man, the author effectively highlights the deep trauma experienced by both Denji and Asa due to Yoru’s recent actions. The portrayal of Asa’s emotions is particularly well-executed. Although it initially appears that she is only upset about Yoru kissing her crush, it becomes evident that Asa is disturbed by more than just missing out on a romantic moment with someone she likes.

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