HyunA Opens Up About the Pressures of Being a K-Pop Icon — ‘I’ve Been Feeling That…’

During the June 9 broadcast of “Umaizing Date,”K-pop sensation HyunA opened up about her career with genuine sincerity, resulting in a poignant moment on the show.

During her conversation with host Uhm Junghwa, the veteran singer/actress reflected on her hectic schedule in the past and shared how she eventually achieved a sense of peace and freedom.

Uhm Junghwa
Uhm Junghwa (Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

Similarly, HyunA expressed her concerns about the future of her career in the fiercely competitive K-pop industry, echoing the same sentiments as others.

“I’ve been feeling that lately. I mean, I’m never going to be up here forever,”HyunA expressed, highlighting the transient nature of stardom and the pressure to gracefully navigate transitions for her fans’ sake.

As the discussion continued, HyunA’s emotions intensified and she began to cry while opening up about her personal challenges. Uhm Junghwa, touched by her candidness, offered words of comfort, saying, “You don’t have to lower yourself. Just keep standing strong,”acknowledging the pressures and responsibilities that come with being successful in the industry.

HyunA/Uhm Junghwa
HyunA/Uhm Junghwa (Photo : Youtube (SS capture))

HyunA’s tears not only showed her vulnerability, but they also highlighted the authentic emotions that artists go through behind all the glitz and glamour. In fact, she shared that her latest track “ATTITUDE”was a tribute to her mentor Uhm Junghwa’s strength and mindset, as she drew inspiration from her mentor’s resilience in her own career.

HyunA showed her appreciation by thanking Uhm Junghwa for being a source of inspiration during difficult times.

“Encountering you was akin to discovering a rare four-leaf clover. I feel incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with someone like you. Thank you, unnie.”

HyunA conveyed her emotions, emphasizing the significant role of mentorship and support in the entertainment industry.

Despite the release of a BBC documentary on the “Burning Sun”scandal, HyunA is facing backlash from her fans for her decision to continue dating Yong Junhyung.

The documentary revealed disturbing crimes committed by K-pop idols, such as sexual violence and illegal filming. Fans noticed Yong Junhyung in pictures from HyunA’s trip to Japan, causing disappointment and allegations of hypocrisy.

Despite having a strong fan base for her relationships in the past, HyunA’s connection with Yong, who confessed to sharing illegal videos, has resulted in her losing a significant number of supporters. This has caused a particular disappointment among fans, especially considering HyunA’s strong advocacy for women’s rights.

You can view the complete video here.

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