Fans React to Aesha’s Revelation About Provision Mixup on Below Deck Med

Viewers of Below Deck Mediterranean expressed doubts about the show’s editing when Chief Stew Aesha Scott disclosed a behind-the-scenes fact about the provisions problem.

The ninth season of Below Deck Mediterranean began with a setback as the yacht’s provisions were delayed and the charter guests’ request for rosé was not fulfilled.

Despite the disappointment of the guests due to the lack of rosé throughout the charter, deckhands Nathan Gallagher and Joe Bradley took it upon themselves to purchase four bottles from the captain of another yacht.

Upon learning about the mishap with the provisions, viewers questioned why the crew did not simply purchase wine from a store in port, as it has been done in previous seasons of Below Deck Med.

“A fan commented on Chief Stew Aesha Scott’s Instagram post, questioning why no one had taken the tender or ran to a store before leaving port.”

“We did! We bought six bottles, assuming that the supplies would arrive within a few hours,”Aesha responded.

Captain Sandy Yawn Aesha Below Deck Med

Chief Stew Aesha Scott set the record straight on the provisions situation.

The user posted their comment on Reddit, expressing confusion about the crew’s claim of no rosé when it was known that they had gone to the store. The fan pointed out, “They did go to the store for wine…”

“Once again, production is being incredibly shady. This is becoming tiresome. It’s obvious that they meticulously scour fan subs and pages, searching for any kind of reaction,”added another viewer.

Another individual concurred and expressed their desire for the producers to comprehend that the show is captivating on its own accord, without the need for manipulation or deception to entice viewers.

Upon Aesha’s disclosure of the mixup in provisions on Below Deck Med, viewers speculated that the incident was likely manufactured for dramatic effect.

Currently, there is speculation about the authenticity of the show and whether the plotlines are fabricated solely for sensationalism and amusement. Could this be the sole instance of a discrepancy between reality and what is portrayed on-screen for this season?

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