Charismatic Dance Performance by BABYMONSTER in LIKE THAT Music Video

On June 9, BABYMONSTER, YG’s latest girl group, won over the hearts of their international fans with the release of their dance performance video for “LIKE THAT”.

In the video, BABYMONSTER stands out in white, radiating a serene charisma and elegant charm. The minimalistic black backdrop captures viewers’ attention on the girls and their graceful dance moves and impressive strength.

babymonster thumbnail

The vibrant combination of their synchronized group dancing and melodic chorus on the captivating music captivates the audience. BABYMONSTER’s exceptional ability to convey emotion adds to the top-notch performance, leaving a lasting impression.

Despite only being released nine hours ago, the video has already garnered an impressive 1.48 million views and fans are responding with explosive reactions. Furthermore, the exclusive video for “LIKE THAT”, released on March 31, has also surpassed 6.23 million views within 24 hours, showcasing the group’s immense global popularity despite not being an official music video.

At the moment, BABYMONSTER is preparing for their inaugural fan meeting called “BABYMONSTER PRESENTS: SEE YOU THERE,” which will take place in five different cities. With their current momentum, they are projected to maintain their active schedule in the latter half of the year. This includes the highly anticipated release of their first full album in the fall, a pre-released song in July, and a performance at Japan’s biggest music festival, “Summer Sonic 2024,”in August.

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