Chinese Designer Claims Lisa Copied Outfit in New MV

On June 28, Lisa (BLACKPINK), an international superstar, released her second solo music project, “Rockstar.”Her highly anticipated comeback and new music video immediately sparked conversations in global communities, covering a range of topics from music to fashion.

In a recent development on the Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), a designer named Jewel Y made unexpected claims against Lisa and her team, accusing them of plagiarizing one of her designs from 2020. The controversy revolves around Lisa’s appearance in a leather star-shaped halter top, which was meant to represent the “Rockstar”concept in her new music video. These allegations quickly gained attention on Chinese social media.

lisa blackpink rockstar
The star-shaped crop top used by Lisa is being accused of plagiarism.
Jewel stylist
A conversation between designer Jewel and another person, both expressing disappointment, believing Lisa’s stylist borrowed the design.
Jewel provides evidence that she created the star-shaped leather design in 2020.

The designer further elaborated in a separate post, revealing that her products were made in London from 2020 to 2023 and had to be sent overseas for photoshoots. According to the designer, a Korean (or British) stylist took inspiration from Jewel’s star top and began showcasing it extensively on social media.

An image posted by Jewel, indicating that her design had been replicated and appeared on the e-commerce platform Taobao for some time.

Furthermore, Jewel clarified that she had not obtained copyright for her design as her brand had not gained popularity in the Chinese domestic market. However, due to the surge of Covid-19, Jewel made a complete shift to the makeup industry, putting her fashion brand on hold. Despite changing careers, Jewel emphasized that the plagiarism cases remained unresolved and the act of theft remained unchanged.

The Chinese designer’s post received comments from netizens.

“Is a star shape not too conventional?”

Lisa’s design is formed by assembling a pentagon inside, while yours is a solid star.

“I personally prefer Lisa’s design as well. Even if it is considered plagiarism, the stylist’s aesthetics are at a whole other level.”

“Despite disregarding numerous other cases, you are now causing a commotion over Lisa. Aren’t you exploiting her fame?”

The crucial aspect is that you confirmed your design is not protected by copyright. This means that anyone can assert that they came up with the idea first!

Star-shaped crop tops are actually quite common. A brief Google search will bring up similar styles in a variety of colors and fabrics from various brands.

croptop star
lisa outfit

The only item in Lisa’s outfit that is not from a recognizable brand is the custom-made star top, as confirmed by her stylist. The rest of her ensemble consists of trendy pieces from well-known labels like Diesel, KNWLS, and Rombaut.

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