“Lovely Runner” Camera Directors Reveal Best Kiss Scene, Questioning Whether Byun Woo-seok & Kim Hye-yoon Were Really Dating

A new video was uploaded by the YouTube channel “K-Insider Insights”on June 29th, in which camera directors Yoon Dae-young and Shin Ki-chang from the drama “Lovely Runner”discussed the filming atmosphere with lead actors Byun Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon.

Director Yoon Dae-young revealed that Byun Woo-seok and Kim Hye-yoon were both dedicated to their roles on set. He commended Byun Woo-seok for giving his all to the project, despite facing challenges and being eliminated from the cast just before filming. As it was his first lead role after nine years of hard work, he made sure to regularly communicate with the writer to prepare for the shoots. Additionally, Director Yoon praised Byun Woo-seok for his pleasant personality.

byun woo seok-kim hye yoon

Director Shin Ki-chang praised Kim Hye-yoon, noting her impressive acting skills and dedication to keeping up with her co-star, Byun Woo-seok. Drama PD Nam Tae-jin, who served as a host, also joined in on the praise, highlighting how Kim Hye-yoon’s acting helps elevate her male co-stars. In fact, even Nam Tae-jin’s own wife was impressed by Kim Hye-yoon’s performance, commenting that she made Byun Woo-seok stand out in their drama. After witnessing her talent firsthand, Nam Tae-jin could understand why the drama directors were so enamored with her.

Director Shin Ki-chang commented on the atmosphere on set with the two actors, stating that they had a strong rapport both on and off camera. He observed their genuine chemistry and was even curious if there was a romantic connection between them, given their intense focus and excellent working relationship.

byun woo seok-kim hye yoon

Director Yoon Dae-young expressed, “Their mutual care and affection were evident through their eyes. The filming process also stirred up my emotions as I witnessed their pure and innocent first love, reminiscent of our youth.”

The directors were asked about Byun Woo-seok’s appearance in real life and they responded by saying, “We aimed to capture his beauty completely, but unfortunately, the outcome did not meet our expectations. In person, he is even more handsome.”

The camera directors noted that the most challenging aspect of filming “Lovely Runner”was the reverse order in which the seasons were shot. They explained that summer scenes were filmed during winter, requiring the actors to endure the cold. For example, Hye-yoon’s high school scene, which was filmed in November or December, required her to wear a summer uniform.

Park Hyun-min

“Lovely Runner”charmed female viewers of all ages with numerous intimate scenes. The directors also handpicked what they considered to be the most memorable kisses.

Director Yoon Dae-young recalled, “We filmed the kiss scene in front of the main door of the house and it was quite lengthy. I even asked the main director, ‘Isn’t it too long?’ while filming. It was a memorable experience to film such a prolonged kiss.”Shin Ki-chang also added, “Despite being a romantic comedy, we approached the scene with a more serious and emotional tone, like a melodrama.”

PD Nam Tae-jin praised the kiss scene filmed at the beach house, stating that it was particularly captivating because it deviated from the typical angle used in such scenes. Director Yoon Dae-young also shared his thoughts, mentioning that instead of the usual 90-degree side angle, they chose a different approach to better convey the charm and mood of the characters.

Director Yoon shared his thoughts on his favorite scene, stating, “While the umbrella scene is often praised, there are two other moments that really resonated with me. The first is when Hye-yoon dozes off at the video store and Woo-seok watches over her. The second is the two-shot scene of Hye-yoon wearing headphones on the bus.”

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