Taeyeon’s Shyness at aespa’s Concert Introduction

In Songpa-gu, Seoul, on the evening of June 30th, aespa held the second day of their Seoul show for their second world tour “2024 aespa LIVE TOUR – SYNK: PARALLEL LINE”at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium.


On the day of the concert, aespa took some time to reflect on their individual performances, which highlighted each member’s unique qualities and charms. After her debut solo stage, Giselle mentioned her song “Dopamine”and asked the audience, “Did you all feel a boost of dopamine?”. Karina also shared her thoughts, saying, “We are not sure when our next concert will be, but we promise to prepare even more thrilling performances. Will you come to see us again?”This statement only increased the anticipation of the fans.

NingNing expressed, “Our previous concept was more strong and edgy, but for this comeback, it’s more relaxed and aligned with my personal style that I want to share with you all.”Winter also mentioned, “We have a lot of fresh sides to showcase, so please anticipate our transformations.”

During that moment, Karina abruptly exclaimed, “Taeyeon unnie,”revealing that a special guest had arrived at the concert venue. Shocked, Taeyeon blushed and hid her face behind her lightstick, smiling bashfully as she appeared on the large screen.

Despite the audience shifting their focus to Taeyeon, the members of aespa playfully remarked, “Looks like the reaction for her is even more explosive than for our own performances earlier.”They then added, “Let’s give some love to our introverted sister,”causing the audience to laugh. In response, Taeyeon joyfully waved and smiled at aespa’s greeting, amidst the excited cheers from her fans.

Besides Taeyeon, the concert of aespa was also attended by Hyeri, John Park, and Chungha.

Kicking off with two performances in Seoul, aespa is set to embark on a tour across 14 destinations in Asia and Australia. This includes stops in Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Saitama in July, followed by shows in Singapore and Osaka. In August, the group will continue their tour in Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Jakarta, and Sydney, and will wrap up the tour in September with concerts in Melbourne, Macau, and Bangkok.

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