Comedian Park Myung-soo’s Interactions with aespa Winter Spark Controversy: ‘He’s Crossing the Line’

The recent trailer for an upcoming show starring seasoned comedian Park Myung-soo and aespa’s Winter has sparked a heated debate on the internet.

The sneak peek, which was released on YouTube, features Park Myung-soo taking on the role of idol-actor Cha Eunwoo and playfully interacting with Winter.

In the video clip, Park Myung-soo playfully pretends to be Cha Eunwoo and engages in playful conversation with Winter.

Nonetheless, it is the concluding part of the teaser that has incited passionate arguments.

During the conversation, Winter playfully asks Park Myung-soo if being handsome is all that matters, prompting a lighthearted moment where they lean in close together. The caption teases “Eunsoo and Min-jeong’s Secret Story,”a clever combination of Park Myung-soo and Cha Eunwoo’s names, along with Winter’s real name, Min-jeong.

The 30-year age gap between Winter and Park Myung-soo has caused some concern, especially given the suggestive hints in the teaser.

Park Myung-soo’s previous remarks about Winter have only further exacerbated the situation.

He has previously praised Winter as the most stunning icon, even taking it to the extent of describing her looks as “otherworldly.”

The comedian previously acknowledged having a disagreement with his spouse regarding his appreciation for the beauty of winter.

Many fans have expressed discomfort and criticism regarding the teaser’s implications as a result of these revelations.


you better pay winter good for this

It’s just funny that Park Myung-soo brought up a junior colleague who complimented his appearance a few times as a sign of respect and then called him a pedophile and disgusting.

What kind of bullshit are foreigners talking about??

What does this mean? Why winter? Did you choose winter among them? My baby:< – I don’t hate it, but I hope it doesn’t contain any other content…

Why does it look so weird lol?

winter i will free you

Why does Winter, an idol WHO SINGS, with many many fans, should be subjected to this fetishistic show? I dont care who this guy is and what he does for a living, this IS a fetish and its crazy to me how you support this when Winter should just go and promote her singing abilities? Or do something ACTUALLY fun. She likes acting, maybe give her what Karina got.

Online accusations have come to light, claiming that Park Myung-soo is using the program to act on his fantasies involving Winter.

Despite being a popular figure in the entertainment industry, Park Myung-soo has recently received criticism on social media platforms as fans have labeled him as “weird”and “creepy.”This has caused unease among his fanbase, highlighting the negative sentiment towards him.

The growing excitement for the program’s debut adds fuel to the ongoing controversy surrounding Park Myung-soo and Winter’s interactions, as discussions about appropriate boundaries in the entertainment industry and the accountability of public figures gain more traction.

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