My Hero Academia to Take Another Extended Break After Chapter 425

According to recent spoilers for My Hero Academia, the manga series will be taking a significant break for two weeks following the release of Chapter 425.

Despite the Final War Arc coming to a close in Chapter 423, My Hero Academia is now in its epilogue. Fans can rest assured that the story is far from finished, as creator Kohei Horikoshi has promised more chapters to come before the manga reaches its ending.

Currently in its second chapter, the manga has announced a two-week hiatus. This is an unusual occurrence, as the series typically takes a break every three weeks. The manga is now deviating from its usual pattern.

The previous hiatus for My Hero Academia occurred prior to Chapter 424, indicating that the next one was not expected until Chapter 426. Additionally, there is no explanation given in Chapter 425 for the unexpected early break. Therefore, it can be assumed that the author is not being held back by any health or personal issues.

One possible explanation for Horikoshi’s delay is that he is using this time to carefully plan the epilogue. Unlike most shonen series, which often leave loose ends and unsatisfying conclusions, Horikoshi intends to tie up all loose ends and give his characters proper closure. Therefore, it is not unexpected that he is taking extra time to plan ahead.

Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha

Similarly, the author is staying true to his previous track record. Just as he did before the start of the Final War Arc in 2022, Horikoshi has taken a lengthy hiatus to adequately prepare for the upcoming arc. It appears that the mangaka is once again taking his time to fully develop his story.

This also suggests that the epilogue may be longer than initially anticipated. Rather than simply depicting the aftermath, there may be a complete arc ahead. Chapter 425 further supports this idea, foreshadowing the return of Shigaraki and the survival of Dabi.

The protagonists are ready for further growth and development. Deku’s remorse for Shigaraki’s demise remains a constant theme in both concluding chapters. Bakugo, Ochako, and Shoto are also grappling with ongoing challenges in their personal lives.

In addition, Chapter 425 hints at the U.A. students embarking on a journey across the nation. This presents numerous opportunities for My Hero Academia to continue its progression following the hiatus.

The release dates for the next two chapters of My Hero Academia have been announced, with Chapter 425 coming out on June 9 and Chapter 426 following on June 30, 2024. Fans can expect to see the fate of Deku’s One For All and the possible demise of All For One and Shigaraki in these upcoming installments. Additionally, the final chapter of the series may also be of interest to readers.

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