Comments Now Blocked on LE SSERAFIM’s Official SNS after Malicious Attack

On June 7, Source Music, the agency of girl group LE SSERAFIM, released an official statement outlining their intention to take legal action against individuals who make malicious comments about the group. This includes comments made on LE SSERAFIM’s official accounts, as well as popular forums such as theqoo, Pann Nate, Instiz, and others.

In the afternoon of that same day, it was later discovered that the commenting function had been blocked on LE SSERAFIM’s Official SNS accounts, specifically on Instagram and YouTube.

the serafim
cmt ig
cmt ig

It appears that Source Music is determined to take a strong stance against malicious commenters, especially since LE SSERAFIM has been consistently targeted by them on social media.

The recent news of this move has caused a stir on the Korean forum “theqoo”, with over 50,000 views and 700 comments.

Here are a few comments from internet users regarding the previously mentioned topic:

  • I hope they don’t hold back and all those who crossed the line gets sued
  • There are going to be a truckload of people getting sued
  • If they blocked the commenting functions, then the malicious commenters won’t be able to delete their old words, that’s good
  • This is really smart
  • Good, catch them all without any leniency.

The article can be found on theqoo website at

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