Concord Maps and Modes

Concord, the hero shooter game from PlayStation, will soon launch its early access beta. Here is a breakdown of what players can expect from the game’s maps and game modes.

During PlayStation’s 2024 State of Play, Sony officially announced their plans to release Firewalk’s hero shooter game in the form of an early access beta. This highly anticipated game is expected to be a strong contender for the crown of Overwatch 2’s hero shooter title.

Prior to the game’s release, the developers have provided a glimpse into what we can anticipate from the beta. Therefore, let’s take a look at all the game modes and maps that have been confirmed before we dive in on July 12.

All confirmed Concord game modes

The initial beta release will include three distinct modes, and an additional mode will be added during the open beta next week.

Trophy Hunt

In Trophy Hunt, a respawn system is used where your team must defeat the opposing squad and gather bounty cards to accumulate points. The team that reaches the designated score first, or has the most points when time runs out, will be declared the winner.

Essentially, you can view this as a game mode similar to Kill Confirmed.

Cargo Run

In Cargo Run, a no-respawn mode, teams will battle to retrieve the “Blue Buddy robotic package delivery system”, place it in one of the designated zones, and protect it from the opposing team.

Clash Point

Clash Point is a game mode in which teams will compete to control a single capture zone in the middle of the map, and there will be no respawning during gameplay.

Area Control

Although the open beta is yet to be released, players can look forward to experiencing Area Control, a mode where teams compete to gain control of various zones on the map in order to earn points.

Managing multiple zones simultaneously will result in a higher score for your team, and the team that reaches the designated point threshold first will be declared the winner. This can be likened to a tweaked rendition of the popular game Call of Duty’s Domination mode.

All confirmed Concord maps

An extra map will also be included in the game once the open beta commences, alongside the four maps that are available during the early access beta.

Freewater Community Center

Concord Freewater map
Firewalk Studios

The map of Freewater boasts intersecting perimeter lanes and a spacious central courtyard, designed to facilitate intense battles. Located in the scorching plant of Glance, this area will serve as the primary battleground.

Star Chamber

Concord Star Chamber map
Firewalk Studios

Star Chambers is situated on the highest peak of the planet Gloom and boasts narrow passageways leading to a massive meteorite at its core. This layout is expertly crafted to facilitate both team skirmishes and individual duels.

Water Hazard

Concord Water Hazard map
Firewalk Studios

The details about Water Hazard are being kept under wraps by the developers, but the blog suggests that it will take place on a fishing rig on the planet of Leviathan.

Shock Risk

Shock Risk takes place on the planet of Leviathan and boasts multiple areas where battles can occur. These areas are connected by pathways that lead to a central tower located in the heart of the map.

Bone Mines

In the upcoming open beta, Bone Mines will include a combination of close and mid-range combat zones where teams can engage in battles. The setting takes place in the mines of the planet Akkar.

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