Palworld Moonflower Tower Boss Guide: How to Beat Saya & Selyne

Discover the strategies for defeating Saya and Selyne in Palworld, including their whereabouts, vulnerabilities, and recommended Pals to use against them.

Saya and Selyne have recently been appointed as Tower Bosses in Palworld as part of the Sakurajima update. Defeating them will earn you Ancient Technology points, which can be used to unlock a variety of recipes for weapons, tools, and other useful items. These can be especially helpful when preparing for the PvP Arena.

Despite this, similar to most bosses, it is common knowledge that they can be challenging to defeat without knowing the correct tactics. Fortunately, if you are having trouble defeating Saya and Selyne, we have you covered.

Saya and Selyne Tower Boss Location in Palworld

A screenshot featuring Saya and Selyne boss location in Palworld.

Here is where the Moonflower Tower is located in Palworld.

Saya and Selyne can be located at the Moonflower Tower on Sakurajima Island. However, it is advised to reach level 55 before visiting, as this is the recommended level to face the duo.

Sakurajima island is known for being filled with high-level Pals, making it difficult for lower-leveled individuals to freely explore the area.

Tips for Defeating Saya and Selyne in Palworld

Although Saya and Selyne’s attacks may be powerful, many of them are projectiles that can be avoided with proper timing. An instance of this is when icicles occasionally fall from the sky. By paying attention to the ground, which will have a blue circle marking the target area, you can predict and dodge these attacks beforehand.

During the battle, you have the option to concentrate on Saya while your Pal keeps Selyne occupied. With Saya riding on top of a large Crescent Moon throughout the entirety of the skirmish, it will be easy to target your attacks and gradually diminish her health.

To defeat the duo, it is crucial to constantly move and dodge while launching attacks. Utilizing the pillars scattered throughout the area is also helpful for providing cover and allowing time to reload. As distance is a key factor, we highly recommend using the Rocket Launcher.

For added safety, it is recommended to acquire Plasteel armor. Although gathering the necessary resources may be time-consuming, the long-term benefits in Palworld make it worth the effort.

In terms of the most suitable Pals for this boss battle, considering the Dark and Neutral Elements in Saya and Selune’s abilities, it would be beneficial to bring Dragon-type Pals such as Jetdragon or Quivern to help with defeating them more efficiently.

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