Palworld player breeds “cartoonishly fast” Dazemu in Sakurajima update

Step aside, Sonic the Hedgehog. A Palworld player has successfully bred the fastest Dazemu known to mankind, creating the legendary Sonic Emu.

Thanks to the Sakurajima update, Palworld now offers even more activities than before. In addition to a new location to discover, we have also gained a variety of new Pals to add to our constantly growing Paldeck.

With the arrival of new Pals, naturally new potential partners also emerge, but some stand out above the rest. This is largely due to Palworld’s advanced breeding mechanics, which have been known to create powerful nuclear weapons and invincible chickens capable of withstanding any kind of attack.

Instead of developing yet another destructive weapon, Reddit user CamoKoopa182 has successfully bred a magnificent mount. They utilized the newly introduced Dazemu, allowing for faster travel than any other creature seen in Palworld thus far.

What a TRUE Max Speed Dazemu Looks Like! byu/CamoKoopa182 inPalworld

CamoKoopa182 utilized Palworld’s breeding system to enhance their Dazemu’s abilities by strategically breeding for advantageous passive skills, resulting in a powerful and elusive emu with Swift, Runner, Legend, and Nimble traits.

The combination of these skills results in a 75% increase in this Pal’s base Movement Speed, which is quite impressive. However, there is another aspect to this build that contributes to the incredible speed of our new pal.

Dazemu’s most impressive feature is its exclusive Partner Skill, Sand Sprint. When at its maximum level, this ability grants the Pal a 100% increase in sprint speed when traversing sandy terrain, leading to the seemingly exaggerated speed of this Dazemu.

The rapid Pal of CamoKoopa182 has served as inspiration for players who desire the addition of a unique PVP mode in Palworld. One user expressed their thoughts, stating, “This game is in need of a racetrack.”Another user suggested, “Perhaps this could be implemented as an Arena mode in the future.”

We would definitely be eager to have Pal racing as a way to occupy ourselves while constructing bases and gathering materials. However, this specific Dazemu might end up being banned.

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