Controversy Erupts Among Asian Fans and Western Fans Over Incident at TXT’s Fan Benefit Event

The Asian fans of TXT have been angered by a photo taken at the group’s fan benefit event in the United States.

The picture depicts a fan embracing Yeonjun with her arms wrapped around his waist. The original post’s caption stated, “Farewell for their US tour. Western girls are well-nourished. When will it be my turn?”

Although the original poster did not show any strong negative feelings towards the fan or her actions, a screenshot of the post was shared on Threads with the caption, “Disgusting.”

txt yeonjun-fans

This caused other fans to express their discontent with the incident. They exclaimed, “Seriously, in Korea we were kept at a distance during the meet and greet, but now hugging is allowed at the US tour?””This is absurd. Hugging was strictly prohibited at the Korean shows. Are Asian MOAs being treated as fools?””Once again, another reason why I detest shows in Europe and America.””Hugging again? Who gave permission for this?”…

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