How to Claim the Anniversary Gifts in Diablo 4

As Diablo 4 reaches its first anniversary, a major event is being held in its honor. During this event, players will be granted various buffs, such as a sizeable experience boost, increased gold earnings, and the highly-anticipated March of the Goblin event. Additionally, those who take part in the festivities will have the opportunity to obtain an exclusive item. Follow these steps to claim your special gift in Diablo 4’s first anniversary event!

How to Obtain All Anniversary Gifts in Diablo 4

To celebrate the first anniversary of Diablo 4, players will receive an exclusive mount called The Nightmare. The description poses the question: What will happen in the new age that has begun since the return of the Mother and will Rathma’s nightmare become a reality?

When you access Diablo 4 during the event, a prompt will appear regarding the anniversary celebration. Simply press the button to claim your anniversary gifts, which will direct you to a shop page located next to the character select menu.

When browsing the shop page, keep scrolling until you come across the anniversary gift tag. Click on it to receive the free Nightmare mount and proceed to “purchase”it, just like any other item in the store. The best part is, since it is free, you won’t have to pay for anything, even though the process is the same as buying an item from the shop.

The gifts must be claimed between June 6, 2024 and June 12, 2024. Each day during the event, there will be a different set of free cosmetic gifts available. Don’t worry if you miss a day, as you will have until June 20 to claim all the gifts. Below is a list of the anniversary rewards:

  • Nightmare horse mount
  • Horse armor cosmetic
  • Mount trophy
  • Axe cosmetic
  • Staff cosmetic
  • Sword cosmetic
  • Totem cosmetic

In addition to receiving anniversary gifts, players can participate in the March of the Goblins event from June 6 to June 13. This event will introduce a large number of Goblins to the game, providing opportunities to collect more materials and obtain valuable items from the Treasure Bags they drop. Furthermore, there is an experience bonus available during the event, making it an ideal time to experiment with different character builds. With version 1.4.2 on the horizon, players should take advantage of these bonuses to create a new class. To help get you started, here are some suggested class builds:

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