Viral Hit Episode 9: Gaeul and Bomi in Danger

In the ninth episode of Viral Hit, the crucial question of whether or not Hobin and Bomi would make amends was finally addressed. This issue has been weighing heavily on Hobin since his embarrassing experience in episode 4, leading to his avoidance of Bomi for two months. The episode delves into the struggles faced by both Gaeul and Bomi.

It is refreshing that the series Viral Hit does not solely focus on Hobin, his fighting, and his Newtubu channel. This fact has already been demonstrated through Snapper’s struggle with pride and hints of Kim becoming more involved, but it becomes even more apparent in episode 9 of Viral Hit. This episode showcases numerous callbacks and opponents that offer a pleasant break from the typical school bully and ex-MMA fighter.

Viral Hit: Bomi and Gaeul’s Woes in Episode

Viral Hit episode 9: Bomi's harassment (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)
Viral Hit episode 9: Bomi’s harassment (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)

Bomi in episode 9 of Viral Hit, like many others in the service industry, has experienced unwanted advances. Since Hobin stopped communicating with her, she has been dealing with persistent advances from a Korean Ssireum wrestler named Mangi Hwang, who always asks for her phone number when ordering food, despite her constant rejections.

Despite being repeatedly told to leave by management, the customer continues to come in and bother her after ordering 30 burgers with fries. This behavior is depicted as unsettling and threatening in episode 9 of Viral Hit, causing Bomi to feel anxious about going home alone out of fear that he may be stalking her.

Despite the fact that Hwang watched Viral Hit and witnessed Hobin defeating Taehun in episode 8, it only motivated him to challenge Hobin in order to increase his own subscribers and viewers. This also led to him forcing a relationship with Bomi. Given Hobin’s impressive strength, being able to effortlessly lift slabs of meat weighing over 200 kilos (or approximately 441 pounds rounded up), he may find himself in a difficult situation.

Gaeul Being Bullied by The Comedy Crew

Viral Hit Episode 9: Gaeul Being Bullied (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)
Viral Hit Episode 9: Gaeul Being Bullied (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)

Despite having a rough start in the series, Gaeul now appears to be in higher spirits. As she tries to update her “To-Do List”with her progress, a group of mischievous first-years, known as The Comedy Crew, disrupts her. Among the tasks on her list are “avoid using outdated phrases and slang, refrain from singing out of the blue, and stop talking like an elderly person.”

The Comedy Crew consists of five first-year students who are all taller than Hobin Snapper and Gaeul. Their YouTube channel focuses on creating content centered around practical jokes and pranks designed to shock and entertain viewers. However, they often bully Gaeul by teasing her about her speech and height, even going as far as to lift her off the ground. Additionally, they imply that the altercation between Hobin and Taehun was staged, causing Gaeul to become enraged and retaliate.

As Snapper attempted to come to her aid, he was immediately swarmed by the crew, although this was not shown on screen. Hobin also rushed to assist, but fortunately, Museong Kim stepped in to diffuse the situation and prevent a potential five-on-one confrontation. Interestingly, the leader of the group let out a terrified scream upon seeing Kim. This recurring joke highlights the fear that “school bullies”like Pakgo have for Kim, as previously shown in episodes 2 and 4.

Hobin’s Reconciliation with Bomi

Hobin and Bomi's reconciliation (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)
Hobin and Bomi’s reconciliation (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)

In episode 9 of Viral Hit, when Kim bails out Hobin, it is not just a simple reminder of when she saved him in episode 4. She also urges him to contact Bomi and visit her, as she is extremely concerned about him. Kim’s relationship with Hobin is evolving as she joins him in watching Viral Hit during the Taehun fight in episode 8, along with Bomi.

In regards to Bomi and Hobin, a key aspect of Viral Hit Episode 9 revolves around their reconciliation. This is no easy feat, as Hobin is still coping with the embarrassment of his previous humiliation in episode 4, which occurred after their date in episode 3. Bomi also struggles with feeling like she left Hobin to deal with his unfortunate situation alone. As expected, their initial face-to-face encounter after two months is filled with tension and discomfort.

As things were starting to return to normal, Bomi’s laughter at Hobin’s hand-written message caused a slight disruption. However, a bigger issue arose when Bomi gave Hobin a cold smile and questioned if he found his editor attractive. The arrival of Gaeul shifted the dynamic, as she presented Bomi with a gift and defended Hobin by claiming he had bought it for her. Gaeul continued to praise Bomi and mention her frequently, changing the course of the situation.

Gaeul’s Unreciprocated Affections

Gaeul's Unreciprocated Feelings (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)
Gaeul’s Unreciprocated Feelings (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)

After watching episode 9 of Viral Hit, it becomes clear that Gaeul has feelings for Hobin. This was hinted at in the previous episode where she showed genuine worry for his health. The latest episode delves deeper into her emotions and reveals that Gaeul shares a similar romantic fantasy with Hobin, as seen in the third and sixth episodes with Snapper.

The next day, she decides to confess by giving a gift to Hobin, especially since he had expressed concern for her well-being and offered to teach her how to defend herself. She is filled with anticipation, but her excitement fades when she reaches the fast food restaurant where Bomi is employed.

It’s heartbreaking when Gaeul notices the dynamics between Bomi and Hobin and realizes his feelings for her. Despite this, she still presents Bomi with a gift and tries to mend their strained relationship. However, she excuses herself using the “ingrown toenail”excuse. This is similar to how Hobin behaved in episode 4, when he also felt like an outsider. The main difference, however, is that Hobin had misinterpreted the situation, while Gaeul’s feelings for Hobin are not reciprocated.

Upcoming Match: Viral Hit vs. The Comedy Crew

The Comedy Crew cross the line (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)
The Comedy Crew cross the line (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)

The Comedy Crew has been revealed as the next opponent for Viral Hit, as evidenced by their actions in episode 9. While their Newtube channel typically features pranks and laughing at the reactions, their behavior towards Gaeul crosses the line into bullying and harassment. This is further exemplified when they physically lift someone or resort to violence.

The end of the episode suggests that their shocking humor has resulted in Bomi getting hit by a car. While texting Hobin, a snake is thrown at her, causing her to startle and fall onto the street as a car approaches. The episode concludes with Bomi in danger of being hit by the car, but then cuts to a preview for the next episode where she is shown in the hospital.

For Hobin, it was the hospitalization of Bomi for the sake of a prank and “content”that ultimately pushed him over the edge. The constant bullying of Gaeul, their attack on Snapper, and their belittlement of Viral Hit had already taken its toll on him. The ninth episode of Viral Hit concluded with a preview of the next lesson, in which Hobin sets his sights on taking down the Comedy Crew.

Final Thoughts

Preview for Viral Hit episode 10 (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)
Preview for Viral Hit episode 10 (Image via Okuruto Noboru Inc.)

The ninth episode of Viral Hit, titled “Friends,”carries a deeper significance. Hobin is forming strong bonds with Snapper and Gaeul, while Taehun may finally mend his ways and join them as a friend. Additionally, Kim is also developing a friendship with Hobin. The group of once-bullied individuals, who were often ignored or mistreated, are now uniting and forming a close-knit group.

Despite Hobin being the main character in Viral Hit, episode 9 reveals that he is not the only one facing bullying and other challenges in his life. Bomi is experiencing harassment at work, Gaeul is being bullied at school, and the Comedy Crew is causing trouble, among other issues.

The world is better understood when we acknowledge that bullying can take various forms, not just from obvious bullies like Pakgo or cruel individuals like Taehun. In episode 9 of Viral Hit, the juxtaposition of these forms is seen alongside the authentic connections of friendship formed among societal outcasts who come together as a group.

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