Couple’s Viral Gender Reveal Sparks Concern for Wildlife

A gender reveal that became explosive for a couple has caused controversy as viewers raised concerns about the potential harm to the surrounding environment.

Nicole, known as nicole_thenomad on TikTok, posted a video for her 2.2 million followers revealing the gender of her baby with husband Chandler.

As they held hands in a field with trees in the background, the couple was surprised to discover they were expecting a girl as a multitude of fireworks exploded behind them, forming a massive wall of pink.

Despite receiving praise from some viewers for their elaborate gender reveal, Nicole and Chandler faced backlash for potentially causing harm to the environment and wildlife.


Its a… 😭😭😭 Thank you @BigGrinFireworks for the gender reveal party of our dreams. We cant WAIT to meet our little girl!! 💕🩷 @Chanthemans Balloons: @Butterfly Balloon Co #genderreveal #genderrevealparty #genderrevealideas #pregnanttiktok

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The TikTok rapidly gained popularity, garnering over four million views. The comments were filled with viewers sarcastically commenting on the “environmentally friendly”nature of the reveal, jokingly saying, “Wow, this is really beneficial for the trees and animals.”

Some also noted that the fireworks seemed to be dangerously close to the treeline, expressing concern that this could potentially lead to a forest fire.

One individual commented, “Being from California, I appreciate the excitement of firework gender reveals, even though they can lead to PTSD. This is similar to the El Dorado fire, caused by a smoke bomb at a gender reveal, which burned 22,744 acres.”

Another viewer questioned, “Why must individuals destroy the environment and set forests ablaze in the name of gender reveals?”A third person added, “Is our child’s arrival so significant that we are willing to harm the planet they will soon call home?”


Gender Reveal party details 🌸🐳💕🦋🎀 #genderrevealparty #genderrevealideas #genderrevealpartydetails #partydetails #genderreveal

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After sharing a follow-up post on social media, Nicole faced even more criticism when viewers deemed her party details and DIY decorations “insane”and questioned if her video was meant as satire.

Nicole responded to a viewer who commented again about the fireworks being too close to the trees, and she reiterated that there was never any potential danger. She clarified, “The video may not show it, but we made sure to set up everything at a legal and safe distance from the trees.”

In the past, TikTokers have faced criticism for their use of fireworks. In 2023, a couple received similar backlash for their “explosive”gender reveal, which resulted in sparks flying.

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